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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stacy, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone recomend a good tailors to get a set of mess dress from who, wont let me down at the last minute and wont make me give up my life savings.
    pretty urgent as the tailors (uniformal) have just gone bust.

    thanks :cry:
  2. Costellos in Ilford do a good job.
  3. Have they made many dresses for you?
  4. Just sign off then you won't have to worry about the costs of mess dress :twisted:
  5. Just got a new one from messdress.com, from order to delivery in 25 days

    sorry just realised they dont do female for signals
  6. I'm normally an observer, rather than a writer, but I am confused.
    I remember the originator of this thread, talking last year as if she was already a member of the glorious sgts mess....what's going on stacy? Telling porkie pies will do you no good here mate...you're rumbled.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Screw convention - Christian Dior :wink:
  8. Certainly that approach seems to be de rigeur in the RAF..... :roll:
  9. Try Ann Summers, they don't do Mess dress but you will have fun at the next function, I mean the lads will.
  10. Steady on - Manners Maketh Man! Old man Harper will roll over!
  11. I can also recommend Costellos in Ilford. They did a good job on my mess dress and the last time I was there, Ronnie O'Sullivan popped in to collect some new waistcoats. I’m pretty sure they do female mess dress as well.

    Dropped name collected on way out…
  12. Try messdress.com


    Antoine the owner/operatior is brilliant, and allows 0% payments over 3 months (IIRC)

    I don't know why RSigs Female dress isn't listed but he does others Corps female mess dress, and he makes them all up himself, so I can't see him not doing it.

    If out of UK, he will give VAT Free too.

    Can't sing his praises enough. ANd I always push people in his direction (on and offline).

    He will give you a full set of dress with NO bother. And he is close to Blandford for any little changes you need over the years.

    Did I mention he is great? And he views it as a hobby and interst not just a way to make money.
  13. I'm sure someone would be happy to help you out.