Female mess dress

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. So, we are going to lose the Blue Choclate Box Taffeta thing and revert to a black skirt with the blokes Mess Kit Jacket.

    What do you think?
  2. I would prefer to keep wearing my trousers as a skirt and spurs is fecking daft. Oh I dunno,......... mmmmm black skirt, yellow go-faster stripes, green jacket, ...... no, yes, maybe
  3. As long the new dress is as easy to lift up and doesn't interfere when you are being taken from behind in the Gents' loos, it doesn't really matter a great deal.
  4. RTFQ


    Anything that makes the dorii have to work harder at PT to lose their frankly embarrassing arrses is a bonus. Tight velvet long dresses and tight boots that don't allow cankles.
  5. here here,

    but then there are few things more amusing than watching someone who has been shoehorned into their mess dress endure an evening of extreme discomfort. the self imposed justice of dynamic inconsistency is a beautiful thing!!!
  6. Got to agree with you here. May a happy memory of my ex mrs is this position after a mess do. Hence the reason for the divorce..:)
  7. Saw a girl in RLC mess kit at a dinner last week. Looked just as voluminous and horrid as my R Irish one does. FFS are these things designed by someone who used to specialise in curtains or something? And whilst on the subject WTF is going on with the "Snow White" type flouncy sleeves?
  8. AGC went down this route a little while ago - same mess jacket and bib, but with black skirt.
  9. If I am uncomfortable all night why cant the females do the same GET ON WITH IT
  10. At least the balck skirt will disguise the fact they have their legs on upside down!!
  11. It seems that the female RLC mess kit changes as quickly as David Beckham changes his car. Come on ladies, this is not a fashion parade, get over the problem and live with a uniform not a statement.
  12. Page 2 of February’s Sustainer features a mock up of the new female mess kit. And just who is that mock up going to fit? 10” waist and double D bust, I somehow see that one going to waste.
  13. Absolutely, I really can't see some of the downgraded, lazy, non pt, excercise doging, salad hating stunners in my regt wearing that...stick to the big uncomfortable fat birds mess kit.
  14. They are all beautiful on deployment!
  15. Yeah fair one, but they don't wear ill fitting mess dress normally....