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Female Lt in the Iraqi Army

Trenchcoat_Warrior said:
I just ND'd in my pants. :D
WTF??? I've seen spotty civvi caterers better looking than that. Let's just hope she keeps her head on (I'll get my coat...)
Get everything else and fcuk off.

She'd get a game.

yeah, I'd do an international exchange with her :) ! :D
the_guru said:
Get everything else and fcuk off.

She'd get a game.
Yeah but you would shag the crack of dawn if you could get up early enough. she is a munter!
Is there no food for the Iraqi Army?
Seriously though - yeah come on, just a few minutes. The idea that the nasties join up to identify targets for assassination is S C A R Y.
Bad enough your roommates filling your boots everynight - that is serious.
OK - back to wet dreaming blokes!

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