Female lawyers advised to wear high heels

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pantsoff, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. I always think a pearl necklace looks nice on a young lady in high heels.
  2. Indeed!
  3. No doubt most of the male lawyers wear high heels too, but only on weekends. :roll:
  4. We need pictures because I’m getting vile images of the ugly biatch Booth/Blair thing!
  5. RG it is OK, step away from that thought. You are right though, we need pics. I can't due to where I am and the fact that they have blocked the unblocker!
  6. Oh yippeeeee this is going to be a thread to crack one out over.......best xmas present ever!!
  7. Ding dong...

    pin-stripe pencil skirt sliced up the back to show the merest glimpse of stocking top....

    fuggit - i'm off home for the rest of the week - just called her indoors, she's on her way home too (yup, she wears that sort of stuff...)

    Merry Christmas Y'all xx
  8. Would she be happy for to crack one off VmechA ! :twisted:
  9. I'll ask her...
  10. Yep, she's just getting dressed now.
  11. How long before the first "blue on blue" as a firm get´s sued for "sexism in the workplace" or similar?
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Female lawyers. Demi Moore - "A Few Good Men". There can be only one...

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  13. I have a policy of only instructing fit female barristers...
  14. Had a similar thing at one Med Centre I worked at where the WO like us girlies to be in skirts and heels with our blues, he said we looked much smarter. Apart from the manly lesbian, she was encouraged to wear trousers.