Female Kings Troop CO

General Melchett

Just seen the article on the first female CO of King's Troop on the Intranet.

Fair play and all that, but the picture doesn't do her any justice.

Hair sticking out, hat not on straight, cap badge not straight, SD baggy..... and as for the one on the right.......


War Hero
well, she has seen alot of active service - Cyprus, Boz, Kosovo, NI - not too sure of the last ribbon (QGJM?)
..... Tie not correctly tied, Sam Brown not centred, (do Gunners still wear Sam browns?), Cane/Whip not parrallel to the ground, idle leather-work on nag's brow band,......

Surely more politically correct nonsense - thank God this shower don't do anything important!
Arguably she is not the first female, merely the first biologically complete female?


Not political correctness at all as far as I can see. She has served in the Troop before which therefore puts her in an ideal position to return as CO and I guess there can't be too many others either qualified or who want to volunteer for the post.

I for one wish her the best of luck for her tour. With the 60th Birthday of the Troop this year and trying to find a new home after the lease for their current barracks runs out she will be busy.
Congratulations Mam. :party:

You just need to work on the kit a bit more, I wont tell anybody!
She needs to fire some privs in the direction of her orderly.... or whoever it was that dressed her for this foto.

Did she borrow that kit from a bigger bloke?
Her orderly!! Do lazy officers still have them!!

Fair play to her though.

Always thought the Troop was full of fems till we paid them a visit on a leadership course came away with a new respect

However poilishing a gun for 2 years isnt my idea of soldiering!! lol


Its the brown eyes and dark fringe that doit for me, not sure about the bloke in the uniform though!
Why the bloke's hat and jacket? Could it be that someone's having a laaarf?

General Melchett

Harry Paget Flashman said:
Why the bloke's hat and jacket? Could it be that someone's having a laaarf?
Ah, never noticed that. Is it a new thing, females in male SD?
I smell a wind-up. White gloves with SD? Perhaps it's another troop thing - like having SD made out of the same material as my British Warm?

Some pretty churlish posts on this thread considering she's on her second row and (knowing her) eminently qualified for the role. Congrats, E!

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