Female instructor wearing male dress??!!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pobarg, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Well all you ACF arssers answer me this......Female drill pig, claims ex reg status SF (mt) hah hah ...regiment this ,regiment that, when I was....the manual says this para this section fcuck off you twat that.....when she takes the drill (how interesting) wears male guards slashed peak, male No 2 shirt, barrack dress trousers with stable belt (ex large) outside of belt loops and ammo boots. WTF is going on??!! She claims the regt. in question issued and gave its blessing to this abortion.............I think it is a biiiiiiiit dodgy. Is it just me?? Or is reverse cross dressing De riguer with ACF drill pigs?
  2. In my experience you get 2 types of ACF instructor. Those genuinely interested in teaching kids something about the military and keeping them on the straight and narrow by engaging them in something positive. Then you get those who are there to feel a bit more important than they are by dressing up and bossing little kids about. No prizes for guessing which section the above fits in.
  3. WTF? Get this fu*er sorted, quick time. What kind of example is that to set? I take it you are cap-badged guards division, if not then said person is a walting cnut. Definately should not be wearing male attire. If formally teaching drill, should be wearing either, No.2 Dress (Hat, skirt, shoes) or if issued barrack dress(I think Cadets still are) skirt, shoes, beret with jumper O.G. If the person is an adult instructor they should be adhering to county dress regs, not their former regiment. Sounds like a butch-dyke character to me!!

    Cheers Easy!
  4. Never come across owt like this before. Sounds extremely dodgy. Best bet is to cross check with county dress regs. Have nerver seen a female wearing male kit, or heard of a precedent. Sounds like walting in extremis.
  5. Yet another knobber sgetting in the organisation, and another example of the growing breed of female walts, shove the dress regs under herunit commanders nose and tell him to sort it, if not go higher, people like that are ******* and need to sorted before their ways infect the cadets and other adults.
    Probably coulnt afford the correct female 2's and got the set off ebay for a tenner.

    erm to sum it up, shes a bint with a sexuality problem and well, a cnut :)
  6. (my bold)

    Is this W02SpankedArrse in his true glory?


  7. I thought it was just me ,but it is re assurring to know that you chaps think her behaviour is a bit cnutish as well....and you haven't even met her....I have and I can assure you that she is........if only the manual gave guidance on suicide I would suggest that she followed it!
  8. Sad to say but I've met female instructors like this quite a lot over the past 17 years. Rest assured that they are in the minority though. They don't last long at best, or at worst they become the butt of every joke going. :D
  9. .....and in answer to skinn full we are not badged guards but she is.........the band...county.... one of!!
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Does this include stockings and webbing (skeleton order)?
  11. The thought of seeing her in stockings has just made me copiously and violently sick....think deliverence, banjos and guards uniform." squeel lyka pig boy."
  12. You mean "Squeal like a Drill Pig....!"
  13. Was at the Army Foundation Collage at Harrogate to watch the passing out parade yesterday. A number of females were passing out as well as Female NCO's and Officers in attendance. Very smart in 'Female No2 Dress Skirts drilling with SA80. All were badged to respetive Corps mainly AGC, RLC, R Sigs, REME & RAMC and were 'Female' No2 Hat in respective Colours (Beret for RLC)

    NO Women are badged Infantry, but attached personnel do wear Regimental Berets. Saw one female SNCO in Guards Beret with Backing wearing the AGC Capbadge.

    Women in 14 Int used to be attached to "The Regiment" (God I find almost all who call the SAS 'The Regiment' to be Walts) and all of the Corps listed above have personnel (Not selected by sex) who serve in with them in admin roles and wear the SAS beret as well!

    Your 'Lady' (and I reserve judgement on that) is a Walt First Class and should be outed......

    I have in fact commented before about ACF Dress Regs (Or lack of observance) before. County's should impose set dress standards onto AI's and Cadets. Where an AI claims a Military Qualification such as Parachute or Commando Wings (Which according to Army Dress Regulations they may wear in perpetuity) A copy of his/her Red Discharge Book entry on Military Qualifications & Medals should be photocopied and forwarded to County for written approval to wear. That will stop the Walt's if they have to prove it. RANT OVER
  14. Mike - good idea about "red book" ie AB108. Our County does ask for a copy of it on joining if you are ex that is.

    Re the "No women are badged infantry" comment. all Greenfinches certainly were whilst serving in the UDR, we wore the same green beret and cap badge as the chaps. I suppose that is an exception. Furthermore within the ACF I am currently wearing DLR beret and badge, that is my Det, that is the badge I wear. We also have numerous Fusileer and Cheshire badged females, a couple of Tankies plus one Gren Gds type.

    All that said this "female" should sort herself out, do what we do, wear Female headgear and skirt with SD or No 2 Dress. What a balloon FFS.
  15. Yes I agree 'Greenfinches were the exception, but wore WRAC Green No2 Dress & Uniform (where the nickname came from) I am not sure what the currant situation is within the 'Royal Irish Regiment' But female members would I think now wear Female Kharki No2 Dress.

    I was referring to the Regular Army, not the ACF, but coincide that ACF Females (AI's & Girls) do wear Infantry cap badges, but that is outside the regular forces where this individual says she's from.

    Which is the correct form of Female Dress