Female hoping to become a Para Reg Officer. Journey so far.

Waaaaaaay back in the late '70's a lass, Jacky Smith greatly assisted the 'de-sensitivation' of the 16 Para. Bde. in seeing a female in a maroon beret, with the regimental badge as opposed to the numerous corps affiliations.

She may well have been considered a novelty at the time, part of a PR machine, but to this day, still talked about and more importantly continues to be fondly remembered for being a world sport para champion. The lass is still around. The Parachute Regiment followed her departure from the ' Red Devils' with another lass from the ACC.

Good luck with your best intentions in the Army. Get yourself to SRR after three years, should circumstance permit. I surmise, you'd enjoy a career much better there.
I didn’t “know” Jacky but I was living in Bruneval Bks at the time which you’ll know was also the home of the Freds. Just to see her smiley face as she walked around the place could lift your whole day.

@CrestedViper Great aspiration and I for one would like to see it come to fruition. I shall give you the one piece of advice I give all posters who wish to join the Maroon Machine, if you haven’t done so already start running. Run a long way and when you get there turn around and run back. Good luck.

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