female guardsman?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. maybe not the right forum but like i really care

    was watching the Jubilee Concert highlights yesterday and while Robbie Williams was on, did I spot a lady Guardsman behind him? I noticed that they appeared to be a massed Guards band of some sort (apologies to the Guards for such a technical description!) but couldn't get a good look at her tunic/standard to see which Bn she was.

    or did I dream it all?
  2. You probably didn't dream it. During the last Nov ceremonies, I spotted a female Para, complete with maroon beret. The common theme is musicians.
  3. Years ago, there was a series Guarding The Queen, about the Guards and HCav based in London. One episode did indeed show a female Guards sax player getting posted in from training.
  4. You can indeed be a beaver wearing a bearskin, if you have a horn
  5. Nearly all the boxes ticked there then.
  6. Taff, Musicians post amongst Bands much as other Corps post amongst Regiments. The members of a Regiments band are not part of that Regiment outside of Band auspices (there are a few exceptions). Guard bandie today could be tomorrows Loggie bandie and vice versa; and as david pointed out, do enough time and you could be in a lumpy jumper in front her Maj waving your wand.
  7. Bands are co-ed now, regardless of the capbadge they are supporting they are capbadged (technically) Corps of Army MUSic(ians)(?).

    One female in the Para Band (don't recall her play saxamophone) is now the WO1 bandmaster in one of the HCMR band.
  8. I noticed a doris wearing a 17/21 Lancers beret. Shurely not!
  9. I saw the 17/21 cap badge as well, , I thought it had a red trim backing? What unit was that?
  10. She was a member of the ACF
  11. Women guards musicians? Whatever next. The world has gone nuts I tells yer

  12. Women mental health nurses apparently? No,real women,not big bruisers!
  13. Woman Guardsman? Surely that should be Guardsperson . :wink:
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  14. If so, it has been mad for some 10 years.

    Some very small ones in the bands too, so much for height, uniformity etc
  15. Not allowed to recruit /post using height as a requirement any more. It's why the the police had to get rid of the minimum height requirement - discriminates against females/ethnic minorities who may be generally more vertically challenged.