Female GDMO - advice wanted please


I'm currently a medical student and I'm considering applying for the cadetship but I have a couple of questions that are bothering me and I'd appreciate any advice from people who are in the same situation.

As you've probably figured, I'm female and I'll be 29 when I graduate. The questions that I have are basically how compatible a career as a GDMO is with a family life. My partner and I are both wanting children, but I just don't know how that would fit in with Army life. My partner is also a medic and isn't really keen on the idea of being a house husband, or with me being away for long periods of time but doesn't mind the idea of moving around as and when needed.

I'd appreciate any advice or opinions from people who have been in a similar situation. I've had very mixed views so far but only from couples where it is the man who is in the forces and not the woman & I'd like to hear how people have found it that way round.

Many thanks
Thought some 1 had 2 reply to ur post!!!! i know nothing about GDMO's like but never mind....if u do become an MO and end up in a med section.......do us all a favour and stick to the MOing side of things and don't try and be a leader.....
happy MOing x
lol - no worries! I'm currently in the TA in a med unit (as AGC tho, not medic) and I don't know if it is a MO thing or a TA thing or both but most couldn't manage to organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery so I know where you're coming from!
The thing to bear in mind is that the GDMO time is basically an 18 month hiatus in the "normal" career progression. After which, you essentially follow the GP or secondary care routes through medicine.
So... how would you fit the kids into your life plan/career outside the forces? Wether in or out will make little difference apart from this GD time.

It's also a good question to ask at the acquaint visit to RMAS. A large number of cadets are currently female, I doubt it's an unusual question!
Given the current overstretch, I would suggest that family life (having kids in particular) and a carreer in the Army are not compatible. I know nothing about GDMOs but cant see it being much different.
I have to concur with KBW. Being an MO may offer some degree of greater stability, depending on you career pathway, as you may spend most of your time based at a single MDHU.

However, my wife had to give up her career to follow me around the world and now we have two kids it's just not fun anymore. You have to choose between family and career. It's depressing that the most successful officers will be those who put their careers first.

My advice would be to stay as a civvie doc. Join the TA if you like military stuff. There'll be plenty of opportunities to get killed somewhere exotic in the future...

From talking to my pals who are already MOs, and from what I've picked up on my aquaint visits etc (I'm a medical cadet), Drs aren't subject to being dicked for tours anywhere near as regularly as other trades. They tend to go just for 3months at a time, rather than 6. And aside from your time as an assistant RMO, you're working in normal hospitals (MDHU for F1/2, more flexibility AFAIK when you're doin S- training). I did talk to one serving RMO who'd just come back after having her 2nd child (I think), she was very positive about how it'd all worked out. I can't for the life of me remember which regt she was with tho!
If you want the contact for RAMC recruiting, PM me and I'l give you it. They're really helpful, and I'm sure they'll put you in touch with serving MOs who you can talk to.

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