Female football gets dirty

I am impressed,those girls put the UK footballers to shame.Can you imagine if one of our big, macho premiership lads got some of those hits?

The embarrasment to males that most modern footballers are perform agony expressing double back-flip swan dives worthy of a .50 sniper shot.....when someone runs past them let alone get one of those hits.

Good Girls....I might even start watching thfootball again.


Tchh! Another wasted thread...I was hoping for this sort of dirty...


The average Premiership footballer would go down like a sack of sh1t and need airlifting off that pitch.

All except Steven Gerrard who would then punch fcuk out of the bird on camera then get off with it in court.
It's pretty big news on the sports channels over here at the moment. The perp is attractive in an evil sort of way. :twisted:

Tomorrow I'm going to see if Vinny Jones has opened an academy over here.
did they swap shirts at the end????
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