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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sammymantha, May 12, 2006.

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  1. I have read through the many pages of the thread. Its clear that the fitness test varies depending on the corps you go into. Does the test vary for women? I know that women have to have equal fitness to a man if they are in the same job so im not on about women wimping out. But do they have to do heaves? I think having a large bust is gonna be a disadvantage in this area. I am thinking about joining the AGC.
  2. A large bust will not discriminate you in any army test apart from the soapy tit waank test.

    Anyway, enough chat, get behind that sink with your pants around your knees.
  3. For your age and doing your BPFA you only need to do 22 press ups in 2 minutes I believe. Yeah, from what I've seen being well equipped with frontal airbags doesn't help a BPFA. The sit ups are still 50 in 2 minutes for women, the run is 1 1/2 miles in 13 minutes or under. I do wait to be corrected though.
    As AGC you'll have to pass a BPFA I believe (again wait to be corrected), you *should* also be made to do a CFT, but that does vary by corps, with different requirements for regular/ta/etc.
    Don't join a corps because you think the fitness will be a pushover, join because you'll be doing something you really want to do. That or just work out which one has the fittest blokes and a nice cap badge.
  4. Your baps are the least of your worries pet. Concentrate on getting that Desperate Dan chin over the bar.
  5. Well im not doing it for the fitness test. I want to be a military lawyer, so the AGC it is for me. If the lawyers were in the engineers then id join the engineers. In my family i was the short 5'3" academic one and my 2 younger bros are 6' and very athletic. So im hopeing that my little brother will be my training buddy to keep me going when i feel ready to be sick.
  6. Well at least your picture correctly shows the size of your brain. I have had my teeth corrected so my jaw doesnt push as far forward. My chin could be fixed your brain never will be.
  7. Alright, that's fair enough. I wasn't actually having a go. At 5 foot 3 you're not going to have the best of times on the old obstacle courses, especially the individual ones for RCB brief and RCB mainboard (military lawyers have to do those at least right????). Running while throwing up is good practice for later life and can only help your cause. Get yourself a good sports bra, get road running and also get down the gym to build up your press-ups and sit ups.

    Oh then come round mine and we can play around with those troublesome things you sweetly call your bust :D
  8. I cannot apply for a job in the army until i am a fully qualified lawyer which is 5/6 years yet. I would have to go through the whole sandhurst selection process. But im hoping to join the UOTC in september.
  9. As far forward as what? Fcuking Australia? You're like half an upside down anchor love.
  10. Health and fitness or Naafi Hmmmmmmmm
  11. She did ask a serious question... But this could end up being binned to the NAAFI and possibly the arrsehole.

    Within the otc you'll still have a bpfa every year and a cft every year. The BPFA should be as I described above, the CFT is 4 miles in uniform with 15kg of kit (that includes the rifle, so it's basically rifle, webbing and daysack) in under an hour. Depending on your otc they may or may not care if you pass these, but if you fail that cft you're pushing it.

    You don't have too much to worry about at the moment, still being a little one and so far away from the selection process etc. Concentrate on course, don't get fat and do something with your life.

    Oh and learn how to deal with men, you're far better off insulting penis size than cranial capacity
  12. I live with 4 men, im sure i could get into practice at insulting them. Though with one in the RLC i may just have to post his insults.
  13. Lucky men... I think... If he's RLC he's already gone wrong somewhere in life, very very badly - leave the poor chap alone. On the otherhand if you can get your fitness above theirs they'll hate to be shown up by a female housemate.
  14. As i said i always hated PE at school, where as those freaks (bros) love it, I know i must change and with their help i will. My RLC bro is only 17 so id imagen that he'll be there for a while yet.
  15. I do hope that those 5 or 6 years will be spent wisely in learning how to use the English language and all its little quirks like spelling, punctuation and grammar.