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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by little_bean, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. I know there have been a lot of posts on Basic and how people have got through it but I have yet to find any accounts from a female point of view.
    As a female in the application process at the moment I would find it really useful to have a fellow females views and opinions of basic training.

    I know everyone is different and people cope with things differently but I just thought it might be useful for myself and other women to get a female perspective. At least then we can compare what the lads have said with what the women have said. Then at least our expectations will have been formed from some sort of substance?

  2. It would be nice to hear it from a females perspective. I know janedoe starts basic somepoint in the next few weeks and she told me not to hesitate to contact her if I want to ask her any questions.
  3. Also PM haribo as she starts soon too!
  4. I'm glad it isn't just me who'd find it interesting!

    What are you thinking of joining as girls?
  5. Blueflossy my application is on hold at the mo just sorting a few kinks out, but i'll let you know by other means whats happened to that chick

    I'm going for RMP and fingers crossed if all go's well i should be looking at April, May time for basic :)
  6. im joining engineer driver bacause thats all im really limited to with my qualifications as i was a bit of a headcase when i was younger :roll:

    i do love driving and i was on the look at life course for the engineers talking to woman soldiers about there experience and they all loved it.

    heading to the gym now so when im back ill write up about what they told me about the army and there training etc. in a rush here :) working hard as im waiting on a date to go to basic im told april. i passed selection last year october.
  7. Well Done Jasmin.

    Looking forward to hearing what others have said


  8. I am being well behaved, the showers after a session in the gym springs to mind tho !! :D
  9. My God Reni_77 how will I ever resist that!? That's going to be my top answer in my interview when they ask why I want to join the Army. ;)

    And dandy_angus....get your mind out of the gutter :p
  10. Yes please do....but before you finish your interview ask the recruiter "where can I touch base with a Royal Marine when I join up..I hear they have the most fun naked !" Watch his face turn a funny colour :D !!
  11. I can picture it now.

    Recruiter: "Well little_bean you've told me why you want to join the AAC/RAMC (haven't decided which yet) now tell me why it is that you want to join the Army Family...?"

    Me: "You see sir, I was once told that lots of men will drunkenly make a pass at me, and it's also my lifes ambition to play Strip Twister with a Marine...Therefore the Army is the obvious choice really."
  12. Followed by him probably asking if you have ever seen the inside of a Travel Lodge, followed by the accompanying statement "will you go halves ??!" :D
  13. Oh no! The line you don't cross, you've just spectacularly hopped, skipped and jumped over it ;)

    Remind me again why I'm joining up...?! :p
  14. Shame this isnt in the NAAFI, I could give you a few answers to that one ;)
  15. You see, now people might understand why I want female views of Basic and not men with their minds in the gutters :p ;)
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