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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by diffg88, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. ..to a lounge suit?

    Is it just a suit? :s
  2. Doc Martins and dungarees.
  3. What's it for? I usually wear a wrap around silk dress, plain heels and a little cardi (if it's cool, fitted blazer type if it's wintery). Basically dressed down wedding/garden party - if in doubt look in Hobbs or LK Bennett. Don't wear an actual suit, you will look like a waitress. Avoid nipple tassles, tropical prints and anything with feathers...

    Farkin'ell - it's like being on Mumsnet....
  4. Webbing and a peep-hole bra
  5. Depends on you, it can either be a trouser suit or my preference, a floor length skirt and matching jacket. Do not know what the occasion or your size but make sure you do not look frumpy. Always ask the question: "Does my bum look big in this?" Remember with a suit of any form "kitten heels" are de rigour otherwise it effect looks slutty. Also the blouse should contrast the suit, any dark coloured suit should have a white blouse.

    The Breton Grandmother
  6. My bold, I'm sorry but to me a floor length skirt and matching jacket screams frumpy.

    OP as you have posted this in regular officer recruiting I'll assume it's for an army interview of some sort.

    If you're going to wear a skirt I'd make it just past the knee... not so long as to be frumpy yet not so short as to be tarty. Court shoes no peep toes and a nice smart top or blouse.

    Suits don't have to look waitressy if they are not cheap tat, I had a nice pinstriped fitted grey suit with pink silk on the inside. Looked dead smart compared to my pal who wore a black suit and a shirt with a big white collared blouse - she looked like an undertaker...
  7. I agree on both counts - especially if for an interview. A well cut fitted suit (preferably not plain black) is probably a really wise investment if you don't already have one.
  8. ******* hell you are just sence on legs aren't you?.
  9. The irony!
  10. Cheers for the fashion advice guys!

    I shall just wear a decent trouser suit then as it sounds the least controversial choice.

    I also have a pinstripe with pink lining (Warehouse?)

    It's a fam visit, just in some areas the dress code is suits and others lounge suits so I was a bit confused.
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    ah had one of those emails of the mother in law have you.

    you know - telling you stop drinking pints, arm wrestling the bar staff, using the gents urinals and demanding pies
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  12. Well in the video they give you some doll shows up with an oriental dress on with matching handbag.
    Frankly - so long as you appear looking sharp and presentable the men in the room will just not and assume that's the right kit to be wearing.
  13. If invited to an event that dictates lounge suits, then it would be an entirely suitable equivalent. If, on the other hand, it is a more formal interview situation then naturally a suit is more appropriate.

    "Lounge suits

    A lounge suit is usually a business suit worn for semi-formal occasions. This can be worn by either a man or woman but they must be matching and men must wear a shirt and tie.

    For men the suit should be dark for evening and winter occasions and in summer lighter colours are more suitable.

    Black shoes are also the preferred colour and they should have lace ups.

    A woman can also wear a cocktail dress or evening gown depending on the time of day.

    Women wear shoes that match her outfit. They do not necessarily have to be high heels."
  14. In the AOSB video a girl arrives in an oriental dress? I can't remember that, and I even remember the guy in the white suit.
  15. I deleted my comment you have quoted because although (as I suspected) the circumstances meant a female suit would be more appropriate than a skirt I didn't feel it was the full answer required.