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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Origin, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. I work for a film and television company called Origin Pictures and we have been commissioned by the BBC to develop a television series based on a bomb disposal unit. As part of the research, the writer is keen to speak to a female Royal Engineer (or former one) to learn a little bit about her experience and the issues he should deal with in the drama. The piece will be entirely fictional and any conversation would be in confidence but obviously it’s important it’s authentic and grounded in the truth.

    If you fit the bill and would be open to having an initial conversation perhaps you could email me at intern@originpictures.co.uk

    Many thanks.
  2. Posting this in the Sapper forum would be better if you want an RE EOD Op.

    I'm sure the AT's will be along shortly to correct you in the error of your ways.
  3. Thank you - I was sent here from another forum actually. Hopefully I'll hit the right one soon enough
  4. Your in the right one.

    You might want to look at the bbc archive and this thread;


    then contact 11 EOD Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps @ Didcot.

    I standby to be corrected but I don't know of any female BDO's (RE) but there are quite a few female AT's and ATO's within the RLC.

    Alternatively make it all up.
  5. Why not, the rest of us do...
  6. Don't contact 11 EOD Regt, you will only be (or should be!) directed straight to DMC who will then forward your request through the correct channels.
  7. So, Origin, aka intern at origin pictures, you aren't that experienced as a researcher are you? Ah well, that's what all internships are about, learning. Your first post looking for a female Royal Engineer bomb disposal operator was in "classified ads" and now you post not in the Royal Engineer forum but here. So in order for us to help you, why not talk to the writer and find out what sort of bomb disposal he wants to write about. Digging holes looking for german shite dropped in 1940, or terrorist whoosh-bang-oh-nasty? Basra or Bagram or Biggin Hill or Belfast? Then we'll point you in the right direction. But we'll still take the piss. Or buy a copy of Kevin Ivison's book, "Red One" just out now with Origin Picture's money, from Amazon so some of their money goes to Help for Heroes, read that, take a deep breath, don't blub and try again. Or tell the writer to do his own effing research, the lazy bar steward who can't even be bothered to brief you and probably knows even less than you. Or better still, we'll all volunteer on this thread to write the damn thing for you (we are all drama queen's us ATs and ATOs.). Chapter 1. It was a rainy day at Kineton as I shovelled sand into a sandbag....

    BTW there have been some RE female BDOs, but none of them were as good looking as our female ATOs and ATs. Well, not really but one has to fly the flag.
  8. Hi, I'm a big fanny and i've been asked to write about female Petops that have made it past Lance Jack. Not great big girls, but actual female Pet Ops with front bums and tits and everything! Obviously don't mind a pack of lies cos it's going to be a work of fiction anyway. Any actual female Pet Ops that want to send me pictures of their front bums (with a rank slide jammed up it) as proof will be most welcome. Pictures of very large gobby ***** in the School don't count.
  9. BissPiss, stop it! Im trying to pack for Germany trip and reading that was better!

  10. With what you posted on some other forum (sorry I can't be effed (ladies present) to find it) - you should write a book.:)

    Fmale Pet Ops - we're doomed. doomed ah tell ye!
  11. BH90210 are you going to be anywhere near my location? If so PM for telephone number and me and 'the shadow' will be out for a stein or three!!!
  12. Thanks those of you who offered advice. Of course I should have been more specific, the problem with a search like this is that there are so few female bomb disposal experts, and so in the hope of widening the net I didn't limit my criteria too narrowly. Ideally we are looking for experts who have experience with IEDD in Afghanistan. We have been in talks with a number of servicemen with such experience but in these initial stages of research there are many avenues to explore. Whilst the writer himself was also in army, he had no direct experience of bomb disposal. He is also a man. As you know after an extraordinary increase in the number of IED attacks in the summer of last year the threat from these devices has been increasing monthly, with a shortage in the number of people with the high level of expertise needed to disarm them - the more information we can find the better equipped we will be to create an honest picture of the crucial work that these men and women are performing currently on a daily basis.

    Of course I'm a scandalous civi, and I come fully prepared to be mocked - but any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Apologies for my lack of specificity in my initial request, I hope that the above makes our intentions slightly clearer.
  13. Mate, i would but im actually going to Frankfurt, flying in tonight until Sun. PM on its way for reason!
  14. Origin - members of the Army have been bitten too many times by the media (all types: tabloids, BBC news, Panorama, film makers etc) that any approach like this will be viewed with the deepest suspicion.

    The best way would be for your company to make an official request to the MOD’s Press Office/Media relations branch, explain your intent and ask for permission to contact a Female HT IEDD operator from 11 EOD Regt RLC. That Regiment currently provides all the teams dealing with IEDs in Afghanistan, which have included a number of women. They will either f*ck you off, or point you in the right direction.

    If however, appealing on ARRSE is your backup plan, because you have already been turned down by the MOD then you will have confirmed why we don’t want to speak to the weasely media!
  15. Thanks for your responses. We approached the MOD initially and they explained, given their current commitments and the bureaucracy of getting things cleared, they would rather we contact people who have recently left the army or private consultants - for the preliminary stages of the research. People who can provide factual accuracy without placing further demands on their PR department. Understandably they have more urgent and pressing concerns they need to manage right now.

    We are keeping them in the loop as the project develops but given the deadlines our writers have to deliver by, we’re keen to talk to people now. We are sensitive to the fact that if you are currently signed up then to talk to you we would need to go through the MOD, however if you’ve recently left and would be happy to discuss your experiences, that would be immensely helpful. I know I’m in danger of repeating myself but I just want to stress we’re not seeking confidential or sensitive information but rather learn a bit about the personal experience of being within a XXX team so the writers can get clarity on the issues they should emphasise within the drama. It’s a fictional piece but it’s obviously vitally important that we capture the world with honesty and authenticity.

    I entirely understand why some of you have reservations, making drama demands people’s trust and given the majority of it is rubbish, I can see that would need to be earnt. However, I do want to stress our intention is to make something original and insightful and, as part of that, it’s crucial we meet people who want to share their experiences of being on the frontline and can feed their thoughts, priorities and stories into the drama.