Female Engagement Teams

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NovemberVictor54, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all

    Quick question to see if anyone has any information on the role of Female Engagement Teams?

    It keeps getting brought up as a potential role on an upcoming deployment but no-one seems to have very much information about the role itself...

    Any info welcome.

  2. msr

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  3. RP578

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    I don't actually think the British Army has FETs, but female British soldiers do get posted to USMC course in theatre. See link for Clerk & Medic sent over to a FET course in Bastion: First UK soldiers join Female Engagement Team - British Army Website
  4. Hi,
    This is a growing area for the british army out in theatre. currently there is a small team based out of LKG in theatre. the main role seems to be meeting females at preplanned shurahs. Topics discussed are health, employement and general female things. guests speakers are brought along such as nurses to carry out health checks and also give out advice and also vet corp who advise on animal health. Female terps are used.
    the girls i have spoken to enjoy it.
    any direct questions PM me as i know someone who is currently deployed in this role.
  5. Thanks for the replies all. Police, will send separate PM, but likely later on. Thanks.
  6. The_Duke

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    Definately a UK capability - MOB/FOB based, working as part of the infleunce effort participating in shuras on female health,education etc.

    Can also be co-opted into wider operations as female searchers etc so candidates need to have enough tactical acumen/fitness etc to work alongside the rifle coys. A very good job with plenty of variety if you get the chance to do it.
  7. Should add that its only open to females, despite FETs being seen as the "third sex".
  8. Command_doh

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    The only time I have ever heard reference to 'the third sex' is in regard to lady boys or TS's.
  9. Was this your second option after the Womens Auxillary Balloon Corps?
  10. MMMmmmmmmm!
  11. An example of what's been achieved previously:
  14. Thanks for those Dunservin, some really helpful reads there. Sounds like it could be an interesting role to be involved with.