Female company wanted in JHQ

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Preferably not a bird who's

    A: now lonely cos she's really a civi and her best friend is now on tour somewhere
    B: High ranking diplomat's daughter :plotting: (one that'l get me in trouble)
    C: just popped into the Marly to get some coke & sweeties cos the Naafi round the corner has shut early, and it is a bit late isint it.
    D: (floors open for comments) :)
  2. You're a dyke then?
  3. A. For certain, she will be grateful.

    B. Just for the craic.
  4. No but ill shag one, not too fussy
  5. No but ill shag one, not too fussy
  6. i know a lovely fat bird who lives off camp!
  7. I need a job, can I apply?
  8. Of Course, now if I can take down your particulars... :)
  9. 38 Double Massive lol ...

  10. :sunny: Feel brighter already :hungry:
  11. My bum's highly rated...and I wear extra small body armor, does that help?
  12. What a shame it's on your shoulders.
  13. Damn, I hate it when I set myself up like that.
  14. Any diagrams or piccys will greatly enhance the helpfullness 8)
  15. Here you go - you can spank your little monkey to your heart's content now!!