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I had a female Tp SSgt (I was her Tp Comd) and a female SSM in first Sig Sqn - the OC Sqn was female too as was the Adjt; subsequently I had a female OC of an Independent Sqn where I was Sqn 2IC (she was, quite simply, the best Officer that I have ever had the privilege to serve alongside) and after that I had a female CO when I was an OC Sqn (another Sqn Comd was female too). Also, my SPSI was a female (tragically, now deceased). But I am R Signals and women are fully integrated in pretty well all aspects of what the Corps do, with the exceptions of parts of 216 Sig Sqn and parts of 18 (SF) Sig Regt.


My last unit now has a female Regular army CO (whenever she can be arrsed to be there) and at least one female PSI.
I currently work with a female Lt. but ive not worked with a Female OC, CO, or otherwise. there were a few Female SGTs while i was a cadet, but thats about it

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