Female CMTs and the future of the trade.

Not a female or CMT bashing thread!

There is an awful lot of female CMTs knocking about in the RAMC, and I'm not knocking their skills or actual commitment to the job, but most of them leave the Army early on for whatever reason. So with so many females serving at the moment in LCpl and Cpl postions and historically not usually serving past say the 9 year point, what effect will that have on the trade in say 10 years?

I remember there were concerns raised a few years ago about this. Your views?
That’s a good observation, I’ve never really noticed that before but that would explain the lack of females in the Mess!

But I’m wondering that with the youngsters flying through the ranks so quick, 4-5 year Cpls, 5-6 year Sgts will they be more likely to stay in because of the increase wage compared to many years ago, being a 10 year Lcpl for example.

A Sgts wage isn’t to be laughed at in this current climate!
in my last 15yrs i don't think i seen any female CMT's above sgt rank
There are a fair few female SNCO CMTs about and I know of at least 2 female WO2. Several female SNCOs are currently instructing at Keogh. On the last CMT Cpl – Sgt board out of the 48 selected for promotion 16 were females.

I think easy-touch has got something reference getting the promotion fairly quick and then getting used to the money. Of course you’ll still get those who go off and do the baby thing but more and more of them are returning to work after having the kid.
Been a while since I was last at Keogh and hopefully be a while before I go back to that sh1thole. It really has gone down hill over the last decade or so :(
by the rank of Sgt they've usually outgrow their combat 95's round the arrse, hence forced to leave... no uniform to fit em. They need a QM who deals with QA's :p


I was having a chat with a CO last year about female CMTs and his recent deployment to Afghan and about how the trade was reaching a 50/50 split and he was hugely positive about them and their contribution on ops. He even went as far to say that he would, if pushed, rather have females rather than males as they were (for the most part) easier to manage and much more enthusiastic. Take from that what you will!
I'm not saying that the female CMTs arent as good as and in some cases better (and slimmer) than ther male counterparts, however, its a fact that they dont stay in as long, and as there are so many how will that affect the future of the trade!


Wasn't suggesting you were having a dig, just recounting a tale I was told. Interesting point about them staying in though and I can't think of that many SNCOs and beyond. Come to think of it, I can't ever recall meeting a female ex-CMT LE MSO. There must be some around surely?
There is at least one female RSM (RAMC) at present......................


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Hmmm.....doesn't quite fit the thread title but spotted this dit which gives a bit of flavour of what the role entails:

Army medic trains Afghan Police

A soldier who joined the Army after a bet and chose to be a medic at the toss of a coin now finds himself working with the Afghan National Police in the searing heat of the Afghan summer.

"I've enjoyed being able to see that we are making a difference. I have also trained a lot of the young medics at Musa Qaleh. I like being able to put all of my knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years to good use.

"I've dealt with over 40 traumas, any bleeding that could potentially lead to death, within the Forward Operating Bases and out on the ground, and 150 primary healthcare cases, anything from the common cold to appendicitis.


Good effort feller.

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