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having seen the loading list for the next CoW(m) i noticed that there is a doris on the next course. (armynet-promotion boards-RE)

i actually have served with said doris in the province i have to say that she was far superior to some of the sprogs that they sent us straight from the factory (she transferred from the rlc)

my question is - is/will she be the first doris CoW should she pass & will she be headline news if/when she does pass :?: :?:

i personally wish her well, i told her whilst she was in my troop/section that she should go for it should the opportunity arise.

how about the rest of you :?:
Good for her - hope she makes the grade.
A female queue jumper! I wonder if she too has chosen this route in an effort to out flank the real soldiers who wish to get promoted on soldierly merit alone. Food for thought!
seriously I hope she passes because all the other clerk of works moan like women anyway so what difference would one more make!!
Did she transfer from the RLC? I knew someone who was ex-agc when I was serving, who was that way inclined (and she was a draughtsman).
It's always been the end product that has worried me. The prospect of turning into that jumped up tw@t, full of his (or her) own importance and possessing no man management skills. Still, they definately have a part to play, its just a shame that they have to go through life with an inferiority complex and most end up being complete geeks. Pointy headed nobbers!

she may as you so eloquently put it turn into a "queue jumper" but she was a good soldier(ess).

i totally agree that there are a lot of c.o.w. that are "jumped up tw@t, full of his (or her) own importance and possessing no man management skills" howver there are quite a few decent ones as well, wait a minute i soundS like i'm defending them, ahh bollox to that.

let rip fellas. :twisted: :twisted:
Applying your logic, junior officers are also "queue jumpers" - whether direct entrants or selected from the ranks. Perhaps all 2Lts should go through the whole scale via RSM?
So you are saying that everybody who gets promoted through the normal selection boards are awesome? How many people can say they have never had a complete nob as a boss or they have never been p155ed around because their boss was to scared to knock them off etc? Every trade and rank has some really good guys who are top notch, the majority are ok and there are a few who aren't that good. Unless you are armoured, a driver, a res spec or signaller you can apply for c of w training. If you don't want to do it thats up to you but why slate guys who want to follow that path?
clownbasher said:
Applying your logic, junior officers are also "queue jumpers" - whether direct entrants or selected from the ranks. Perhaps all 2Lts should go through the whole scale via RSM?
That's the bonest comment I have read for a long time. There is no logic to my comment, just traditional Corps banter. Making disparaging comments about CoW is an intrinsic part of sapper humour. A bit like saying all Planties are fat and all Tankies eat pies. Go on, try it. Live a little......you may actually enjoy it.
Good on her, if she has the apptitude to do the course then crack on, plus it will just give the blokes something else to moan about instead of the usual ' she only got promoted because she has lumps under her jumper' etc, now they can use the queue jumper line, you never know she may turn out to be a brilliant CoW and SNCO and then again she might not, only time will tell, if she does well then all her doubters will have to climb back in their box if she doesn't they will be able to stand on it and shout at the top of their voices that she is Sh1t.

I will now go and take my medicine as i can't believe i am defending a bird who wants to be a CoW.
Sounds like the grapes are a bit sour in the RE mess! :wink:

The CoW course is not an average course but runs over what, two years? I did it in civvy st and it took 4. The course content is massive and it's alot to take in. At the end you have the same qualification as a site engineer. The queue jumping is always a contenscious point but the resulting CoW must have the rank to back up the role otherwise it would be pointless and jumped up Full Screws would be running the show getting away with pi55 poor work.

Solid Shot is right - jokes are part of service life and gives us a sense of humour boost when we really need it. But jealousy can get nasty, and she hasn't even started the course yet alone passed out.
Yeah I forgot EOD. No, I'm not an MPF. I feel sorry for MPF's because they are going to have fcuk all to do with whole fleet management coming in. A regiment is going to have about 2 MWTs, 2 LWTs and thats about it.
Theres always going to be be people saying feckin queue jumpers etc but considering C of W and MPFs are on a seperate roster I don't know how people can say that. I've also heard comments like "who needs clerk of works, all you need is a good troop staffy". Yes, you do need good staffys however I've yet to meet a non C of W staffy who can design buildings. I'm sure there are some out there like design drafties and guys who failed their C of W course when they were quite far into it but they are in the minority.
Maybe opinions will start to change because the C courses now that there are more artisan types who have spent a lot of time of site as oppossed to a few years ago when the occasional artisan thrown in. Hopefully because the majority of guys coming through now have spent a lot of time on site and understand the problems you encounter as oppossed to sitting in the design cell and never being on site C of W reputation will improve. My first C of W was nick named bad new Be***n because you never wanted to be on site as no work was ever good enough for him and all you would hear is "strip it out" so C of W's do have a lot of work to do to change that reputation.
plant_life wrote

A regiment is going to have about 2 MWTs, 2 LWTs and thats about it.
that's more than they usually have on the road then :D :D

"who needs clerk of works, all you need is a good troop staffy"
agree with you there a good ssgt is ideal & some may be able to run a "site" effectively however the majority of them will not have the necessary all round knowledge to carry out a full construction task.

we had a c.o.w at tidworth who was affectionately known as "phallic" :!: :!: (need i say anything)

ps - welcome back sparkysapper you been away fella :?: :?:
I must say guy's, I'm impressed with the fact that people are not only sticking up for the pointy heads, but also sticking up for a female (potential) pointy head! lol
Anyway, I'm actually a very good friend of hers, and keep in regular contact (She's currently out in Iraq). And I agree with KG, I'd have her working alongside me rather than the majority of the guys out there at her level. Not because she's a mate, but because she puts the majority to shame!!! Seriously, She has even earned the nickname TAZ, after her performance on her pre tour OPTAG.
Anyway, I'm sure she'll do well, and I'll be very surprised if she falls at the fence!
And so, young Sappers take note: The time has come to pull your socks up and put down the PS2 Controlls! Otherwise the female Engrs are going to be leading the way in the next 5 years!
Scary isn't it?

A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
plant_life wrote

[ps - welcome back sparkysapper you been away fella :?: :?:
Certainly have mate, been back about a week but had to rebuild the computer, now back and firing on all cylinders.

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