Female Chat for Basic Trg - ROBUST MOD ACTION IN FORCE

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Disco, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Ladies,

    A new thread for female chat and advice for recruiting and Phase 1.

    The old thread can be found here!

    Same rules apply as before.
  2. :( what do i say to people who say that "women don't belong in the army" or "you can only be a nurse? i usually tell them to f off but i feel rude. did anyone else get reactions like that when you told people?
  3. Sod their opinions. You'll also get "ooo all those men in uniform eh" wink wink. Ignore it and point out you're starting a job that's going to make you happy, give you some amazing opportunities and make your family proud. If you worried about everything people said you'd never get out of bed in the morning.
  4. Keep telling them that, there will always be a place for women in the forces, regardless of it being nursing or whatever, so sod em.

    Yes, I did post a sensible reply.
  5. I've had that one. I've also had from my (now ex) boyfriend 'If you go in the army, I'll leave you'. Apparently he had it in his head that we were going to get married, have lots of children and I'd stay at home and look after them...funnily enough I told him he knew where the door was and he could use it.
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  6. My opinion of you has waned slightly......... :wink:
  7. Hi all,

    Just wondering whether I will need hair dryer and straightners for basic training? Start on 23 Nov @ Pirbright and putting together my kit bag over the next couple of weeks!!!

  8. Whats ADSC like in Lichfield? Got it eventually at the end of the month.
  9. Probably not, I went to ADSC with my straightners and the sgt decided he didn't think I needed them so left them outside in the rain. Needless to say he didn't care that they didn't work the next day :(

    Apparently if you want to do a mans job you have to act like one too and not fuss over hair, nails, make up, clothes or what you look like :roll: Men being men I guess.

    Good look at basic though! :D
  10. Hmmmmm im not sure now then. Ill ask my recruiter when I see him next week. It would be good to hear from any females that are currently at training or just passed out to know whether its acceptable???
  11. Hey ladies,
    Seen as we have a new thread and a few newbies, how about a fresh round of questions.

    What training are you doing?
    How long have you been applying / when are you applying?
    What job choices are people looking at?
    Biggest fear coming up to basic basic?

    might give us an idea if we're 'normal' or not, and might give us a few ideas of how to prepare?

  12. There are some other basic questions too, but given the robust MOD action, can we have another thread in the NAAFI for those?
  13. Running, running and more running :) but I'm not very good at it.
    I'm applying once I'm 18 hopefully - mam won't let me right now...
    I really want to join the Royal Artillery, I was thinking about the Intelligence Corps originally but decided I'd probably prefer the RA (but I think recruitment's closed or something? Does anyone know anything about that?).
    Biggest fear about applying is they'll reject me flat out or I'll be medically DQ'd :(
  14. Hi Big Bertha,

    I have ADSC at the end of the month, also at Lichfield. Are you going 26/27th Nov? I am slightly nervous but I'm sure it won't be to bad. I am looking at RMP or EWOP. What about yourself? Hopefully see you there :)
  15. No thats just rumour, theres and intake 10/01/2010 for RA and another intake in April but not sure what date yet. :roll:

    How long is till your 18??

    If your only a few months away go to your recruiter now and ask for the application form. Speak to your folks and ask them to sigh the papers but say you wont go in till 18. That way once you do turn 18 the wait to start basic will be shorter :D