Female Bodybuilders, Would you?

Would you?

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Dear arrse
Happened across this bird www.jamieeason.com

Personally i'd shag it but, am i entering into dangerous territory here? Am i going to ended up shacked up with a deep voiced Bird called Olga? Is this a reaction to having shagged a few too many fatties?

I'd pay every penny i've ever earned.
But she's a figure competitor, not a bodybuilder ;)
I'd be in that like corruption in the labour party.

however this is right out!

the one in the pink isn't a female, no way on this earth.
the one with the wrench would still get it.
I personally make it a rule to never have sex with anything that can either

A) eat me

B) rip me in two with its bare hands
Some real nut crackers there.. I'd be afraid that, whilst tonguing the lady she'd be seized by a orgasmic shudder and crush my head with her thighs...then beat me senseless for not doing it right...

may not get the best babes but I'll stick to ones with more body fat than me...
Eurrrghhh that thing in the pink!!!! I think im safe done a bit of ahem "research" and its been so called figure athletes that have been the subject of a few sly wanks, not true lady beefcake.


That is the scariest thing that I have ever seen.

I have always thought, based on the few examples of body-building 'femininity' that I have seen pictures of, that my answer would be a distinct and resounding 'no'.

Having seen some of the photos on this thread, I feel that the simple option of 'no' does not quite provide an subtle enough way to convey the emotional nuances of my reply.

Can we please have a few more options, such as "I'd rather cut my balls off with a rusty pen-knife", "Suddenly, suicide-bombing seem like a rational choice" or "In the event of a shotgun wedding, could you please use a pump-action model? I'll provide the ammo."? :omg:

They say taking too many steroids shrinks your schlong and also gives you bittch t-its.

I wouldn't know. Personally, alcohol did it for me. :D

But that's either a bloke having a laugh with "chicken fillets" in that bra, or that is the biggest clit I've seen.


Attention to the bikini line is commendable but he/she forgot about the eyebrows.

Basic schoolboy error there Legs, tsk tsk....


[align=center] :strong:
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I I[/align]

I've seen that one in the pink on a Louis Theroux documentary*. I hoped it was the first and last time my eyes were set on such a horrible creature, unfortunately not :cry: . It might surprise you but someone actually married it.
Female body builders are a no no. But the bird at the top is a deffo yes, especially in the 2nd picture (not so much the 3rd).

*You should try to see it, it's a good documentary. Many uncomfortable moments where Louis has to gently tell the husbands of the bodybuilders that their wives are very manly. They all have rather strange voices aswell.

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