Female American Pilot Gets Double Fisted in Sennybridge

I am shortly leaving the sandpit and my beloved Palace here in Baghdad so I thought I would pass on my favourite story as told by an American collegue.

She is a Chinook pilot and was over here doing an exercise in Sennybridge with the chosen ones (The British Infantry). She was a regular in the Naafi and after another good night on the pi55 was speaking next day to the Padre.

"Did you enjoy last night and did the troops look after you he asked?

"Why yes" she said, "I was double-fisted all night"

Padre nearly chokes to death but calls over a good sized (giggling) crowd and follows up with:

"And so who was the lucky party?"

"Oh", she replies "The whole company"

The Padre then explained that double-fisting in English does not quite correspond to the American version (having a beer in each hand).

She actually tells the story very well and loves telling Brits of the night she was double-fisted all night by an entire Infantry Company - a situation that most women can only dream of.

I am out of here.
Welcome back to blighty Bagdad.

My only point is if her pulse was beaitng, i am supprised the infantry Company in question, they didnt try to double fist her brit style,


Kit Reviewer
Baghdad-Brit, are you sure it was a septic bint ?

It sounds surprisingly like one of Flush's normal friday nights.
Except the bit about the beers of course.
This may have been lost over the years, but a female ROTC officer at Sennybridge on annual camp with CUOTC did exactly as you say.

We nearly choked.

She later got caught by the CO snogging a Macedonian Officer Cadet on the bridge down town.


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