Female airmen deadly in Iraq, Afghanistan

Female airmen deadly in Iraq, Afghanistan

A small cadre of women prove their mettle in combat

By Patrick Winn - Staff writer

Tuesday Jan 1, 2008

Their numbers are few. Their profile is small. But few groups of women have proven more deadly or destructive than Air Force women flying and fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Defense Department restrictions prohibit all services from placing women in direct ground combat. But Air Force women have been cleared to fight from the air in fighter jets, bombers and gunships since the mid-1990s. The current wars have been a proving ground of sorts for Air Force women in extended combat roles, dispelling any old-fashioned notion that women lack the skills to kill.

Female fighters, like their male counterparts, have also paid with their lives. Five Air Force women have died in the two wars. All told, the two wars have claimed the lives of 104 female service members, according to the Defense Department.

At least they aren't:

Complaining about conditions at Basrah and how they get treated by the nasty soldiers.
Making up bullsh1t stories about how they partied so hard with the SF that they didn't hear the mortars dropping.
Posing for soft-tinted boudoir photos for the Daily Hate.

One benefit of the gagging DIN has been to let our aviating lovelies concentrate on flying and not the infinitely more harmful diary keeping.

(Runs for cover...)
Maj. Melissa May, an F-16 pilot, has SHOCK as her call sign. She says it stands for Scarlet-Headed Ovulating Commie Killer. She and her fellow F-16 pilots earned Disinguished Flying Crosses for a mission over Baghdad in March 2003. It was May's fourth combat mission.

Scarlet-Headed Ovulating Commie Killer. :lol:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Victorian_Major said:
JP47 said:
Scarlet-Headed Ovulating Commie Killer. :lol:
Surely a bit retro? Unless Commies are still the enemy? I think they just couldn't think up anything Islamic starting with C.

I could think of a few. :roll:
Oh, you're such a caution, you silver tongued devil
"Female Airmen" eh?
The only good thing about splits is they encourage good blokes to pass a few man -tests and go work for proper units.
Female Airmen? (now there is a nice non PC expression). :)

Now: Let us remind ourselves:

Did not a *female airman* and indeed a space shuttle commander; recently go doolally, get kitted out in nappies and drive across country for 24 hours non stop with the intention of murdering her errant lover? I wouldn't like to have seen her in an F16 with PMT.
Women make better soldiers than men. After all, they can bleed for a week and not die. :twisted:

Ah, my taxi is here. Could someone pass me my coat? :roll:
Werewolf said:
Women make better soldiers than men. After all, they can bleed for a week and not die. :twisted:

Ah, my taxi is here. Could someone pass me my coat? :roll:
Thats because men can't make toast

Is there room for two in that hackney carriage?
If I heard the "Love from Above" was being delivered by "Tits Magee" I'd fill the other leg of my combats. Is the barrel that empty?

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