Female AGC(SPS) Mess Dress For Sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Ex-Minden, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. For sale my wifes mess dress, good condition specs are: Height 5" 6/7 Dress size 12. Currently has Sgt stripes on.

    PM me if you need any more details, or with a sensable offer.
  2. OK Girls perhaps I didn't do a good sales pitch.

    This mess dress has only been worn a hand full of times. It is the new style, not the old blue dress type.

    This is an excellent chance to save yourself a couple hundred quid, when you do reach Sgt you can pocket all your mess dress allowance!!!

    If you want to me to be specific on the measurements let me know, and I will ask her indoors, as the ones above are bloke type guesses!
  3. Is the mess dress still available?
  4. Yes still available, and open to offers.
  5. Is the mess dress still available? If so what kind of price are you looking for? and is it the 3 piece?
  6. Still available.
  7. Any "special" stains on it?
  8. Sweat with a mingling of failure and "snigger, you're only a ******* clerk"
  9. AGC?

    Size 12?

  10. Keep talking!
  11. Fuckoff sheep shagger.
  12. Mine has, but it's not for sale.

    Besides which, who wants a blue taffetta frock covered in vomit, port, dog spit and 40 different types of semen?

    It's a Size 8 anyway. Sorry. It would never fit you.
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  13. Am a size 10 but willing to get it tailored need to see it to see if that's possible is there any chance?
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  14. Monica Lewinski kept hold of her "mess dress" with those special stains, was worth a packet in her case!
  15. hi is the dress still for sale?
    also how much do you want for it?
    and is there any room for adjustment as i am a size 14