Female AGC Mess Dress For Sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Vinnie, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Size 14, worn once - not by me. £500 new from Costellos of London. £200 ono. No picture at the moment, but can get one if needed.

  2. would it fit an 18 stone rugby player?
  3. can l sniff it? (the dress, not the 18 st rugby player...)
  4. Can I sniff it? (the rugby player, not the dress)
  5. what about the 18 st rugby player wearing the dress?

    who wants to sniff that?? l'm out....
  6. But I've had a shower!
  7. bustybabz will be all over you like a tramp on chips!!

    REAL rugby players dont shower, we just get creative with a can of lynx and hit the bar :D
  8. Real players need a shower after a match ;)

    You must be a back.
  9. do you ever get the feeling that this isnt what the thread was intended to turn out like??

    Anyways, only rugby players that wear skirts that l know of are scottish
  10. Size 14? AGC? Shouldn't think that you will have much luck with that mate. Must be quite a rare sartorial piece!
  11. as above....

    no picture at the moment...

    cant wait for one to be posted, just as well l run my pc through my widescreen tv eh...