Female Afghanistan Veterans required

We've just had this in by email:

Legasee wins ERSF grant to record the stories of British women veterans who have served in Afghanistan.

Legasee are looking for female veterans that can spare some time to talk about their experiences of military life in Afghanistan.

Our objective is to provide schools and colleges with personal accounts that will provide a unique insight into the role of women in conflict. We will film the interviews on HD cameras where they will be available to view in our online video archive of veterans; The Legasee archive

Interviews will take place this March and in the first instance please contact claire@legasee.org.uk.

Why women and not men?
In this instance, the grant we have been offered has specific educational objectives with regard women in conflict. OCR Specification B, The impact of war on British Society - Unit F983 Study Topic 4. ‘The impact of war on the changing role of women’. All recorded material will be freely available to A level students studying this module.

About Legasee Education Trust
Legasee Educational Trust is a charity set up to record the experiences and observations of all veterans of conflict from WWII until present day. ‘To create the largest online film archive of this aspect of our social history that can be used for education, learning and better understanding for today’s generation and many generations to come’.
Pse note that this thread isn't the opportunity to discuss the role of women in the Armed Forces. If you want to do this then choose one of the many other threads on this topic!
I think it's a bloody excellent idea. Only hope some of the lasses take advantage of this opportunity to record their experiences for posterity.


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
For what it may be worth, and given that the project's focus is exclusively on the female experience of modern conflict, I would also nominate any of the female medical perss who have taken part in MERT operations over the past 11 years, from Lt Colonel to Lance jack.

Asked how many MERT missions she had undertaken, the RAF nurse interviewed on camera for the documentary BBC Frontline Medicine just shrugged and said she had lost count - over the past five tours.....

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