Felon Fitness

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. In The Guardian How do prisoners get so fit?
    I always thought it had a lot to do with fending off Big Ed in the shower or wanting to be just like Big Ed after you'd failed.
  2. I reckon it's the same reason as why squaddies get ripped on tour - sheer bloody boredom and nowt else to do during time off!
  3. Always wondered how they manage to get so bulked up on what would appear to be a pretty meagre diet
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bags of protein not sure where they get that from..........
  5. No doubt from the aforementioned 'Big Ed' in the shower.
  6. 'getting a body just like a convict serving 20 years to life'

    Complete with multiple strains of hepatitis, trackmarks, shiv scars, shit tattoos, HIV, and an ******** like a windsock?
  7. Experience speaking?
  8. Two points. 1)It's a rip-off from a book called, "Convict Conditioning" that was released(see what I did there?)at least six months ago. 2)The reason prisoners, at least in the UK, are in great shape is that the untermenschen have free access to state of the art gyms provided at taxpayer's expense.
  9. I watched one of those crappy 'Gang Inmate' type of programs on one of the minor sattelite channels a few months ago and basically the fitness is all based around gang culture

    If you join a gang, as a fair amount do for protection etc, then one of the codes within the gang is to maintain and achieve maximum fitness, and those slacking are frowned upon and retirbution is taken by others members of the gang.

    They showed inmates doing circuit training incessantly whenever they're in the excercise yard, all the time keeping an eye on the other gangs.

    So, I supppose it shows that if you get released from the nick and you're fitter than a butchers dog, then chances are you were in a gang and so should be shown the Respect innit!
  10. No, just imagination, although the only thing I can really imagine about being imprisoned is that I'd be climbing the walls within about 3 days.

    I thought it might be - the book's crap, too. Basic bodyweight calisthenics that could be thought up by anyone with a bit of PT experience, plus a LOT of repetition and padding. I also wonder how genuine the author's 'prison credentials' really are - I can't see career crims (murderers/rapists/armed robbers etc) calling an exercise 'Kissing the Baby' FFS.
  11. It's so that you're fit and healthy, ready to take up gainful employment.

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