fellow country men at basic

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Snow, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. i'm from n ireland and due to start basic in 2 months and was just wondering if a few of my country men will be going to basic with me?
  2. :frustrated: hay snow ,when did the Northern Ireland become its own nation ,I know hostilities have all but ceased ,but didn't realize you lot had become independent, will stop now as I can feel a rant coming on ,
  3. did i say nation? nah i said country have we been town graded to a town over night? lol
  4. Stick together lads! I saw service with the 1944 Ulster Rifles. Great lads. Brave men.....Great mates.
  5. Sorry Snow didn't put my point out well enough ,what I meant to say was arent we all part of the same country ,and yes there will probably be ,some other lads from Ulster with you ,
    and may be some from across the border as well ,had a full screw in my troop in Antrim from the south :winkrazz:
  6. yea i know what you mean i'm not biased or anything i was just thinking weather i would be making the journy to England on my own or not