Fell Running

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jack-daniels, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Just spent a week tabbing up in the Lake District and dragging Mrs JD around with me (she has now developed a strange liking for Biscuits AB!).
    Got chatting to a bloke who's into fell running so went out for a run with him........fucking hell!!....Can't believe the speed that he came hurtling down the hill.
    I am now considering entering a couple of races as marathons are boring compared to this and the prospect of breaking my neck hurtling down a hill appeals to me!!
    Anyone know of any novice standard races or anyone done them before?
    Just got a book called Feet in the Clouds about it and it's confirmed my suspicion that they're not right in the head!
  2. JD a friend of mine is a member of Dumfries running club they do all sorts during the winter and summer


    there is a part in there with all the events that they take part in

    members info and race calendar
  3. Cheers mate, the only problem I can foresee is that most events will probably be up the Lakes area and it's a sodding 5 hour drive for me!
  4. ah sorry i assumed you were from that area :) is there not a fells ruuning association
  5. J-D, Now that post 'IS' timing! I just received an E-Mail from a mate who ran the Great Lakes Run yesterday (received the E-Mail on Friday so not sure how he got on yet!), it is in its' 3rd year I believe and is 13 miles of fell running pain 8O Feet in the Clouds is excellent, have you heard of the Bob Graham Round? a few ARRSERs are in the small elite club membership:
  6. Funnily enough I've just mentioned the Bob Graham in a PM. Fucking loony race!
  7. Super linky! Let the madness begin!
  8. JD, I grew up just outside Kendal. Apart from a bit of schoolboy fell running I never took it up. Good luck to you, it is a truly mad sport. I've done the odd run or two round Brecon, but again, this isn't fell running, as you know.

    Something a bit more local to you, but not in the league of fell running, is the Ridgeway run. This year it will start at this DTG. 10.10.10 10.10

    If you fancy it, the Tring running club has all the info here http://www.tringrunningclub.org.uk/

    I'm not a memeber and I've never done it........ but by God I'm tempted to give it a go before I die.
  9. I know the West Highland Way annual Ultra Race has a lot of finishers well into their 60's so there is hope for all of us who haven't so much as run for a bus since leaving the Army... 8O
  10. You want to run around like a 10 year old :D

    Looks kind of crazy to me in my old age
  11. Young man, with your legs you'd be up and down before I crossed the start line :D

    Off to crack open a bottle of red, more enticing than going for a run in the pouring rain :lol:
  12. Young man !!!!! Don't think my knees could take those hills anymore

    pour a glass for me :D
  13. There is a good event in November called Hellrunner, they have a race down south and up north - I did the one up north last year and thoroughly recommend it.