Fell @ 1st hurdle :(

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Pte.Lank, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a healthy 25yr old who applied to join the TA 8 weeks ago (Royal Anglian), had the interview, then medical/BARB test, and have been hitting the gym/road every 2nd day so I'm ready for RSD.

    Anyway; today was the day and I had it in mind to be there for 8:30... ... WRONG!! I was to report to my local TA centre @ 6:30 for transport to the RSD site!!

    So what I would like to know is: is there any recourse for such a failure? Or, because I've already proved myself as a useless tosser; should I just forget the whole thing and join the Community Police instead?

    Thanks for your response.
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  2. Join the Air Cadets instead. Numpty.
  3. Yes there is. Douse yourself in petrol and set alight to yourself immediately.
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  4. Apologise and mean it and apply again, I'm sure you're not the first.
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  5. RSD 13th August :D :D
    Got the right time this time ;)

    PS: I just learned what STAB means, that last guy (now deleted) was a real jerk!
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  6. I got told to turn up at 8 o'clock once by the CSM but he meant 20:00. Oh how we laughed!!!
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  7. and quite possibly a real soldier
  8. Come on man, even they have standards!!
  9. Don't sweat it get in contact, state your misunderstanding, Don't grovel but show you are determined to square away a bad start.

    No one will think much about it
  10. STAB = stupid territorial army bastards? Is that what it means?
  11. No, it means Super Troopers 'ard Bastards
  12. This is ArRSe, mate... probably just some clown who likes airsoft and chatting on the site like a soldier.

    And even if he was a soldier, he can still be a bell end.
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  13. A 'real jerk?' are you the sidekick in a 70's cop show?
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  14. No mate he is a walting STAB!
  15. I'm in :D :D

    Stats for the day
    1.5mile run - 11:37
    Static lift - 45kg
    Pull ups - 10

    So not bad, not great.
    Thank you for your help & advice.
    Can't wait to earn my beret and go on Ops :D
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