Felix defuses suspect IED outside Army Careers Office..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bomb team in controlled explosion
    Bomb disposal experts have carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious package outside an army careers office in Carmarthen, police say.
    It has now been confirmed the package - a suitcase - did not contain an explosive device.

    Dyfed-Powys Police officers were called to Lammas Street at around 1130 BST on Sunday and cordoned off the area.

    The UK's terrorism threat level was raised to "critical" after attempted attacks in London and Glasgow.

    Sergeant Neil Jones, from Carmarthen Police, said bomb disposal officers from Gloucester carried out the controlled explosion shortly after 1500 BST and the road had now been reopened.

  2. Better safe than sorry. i expect we will be getting more of this, and its no bad thing if it gets the public being more Vigilant.

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  3. Seconded. We can't take any chances now.
  4. Ah yes the country may be at 'critical', but the general public will still remain at 'moron'.
  5. More..? Hardly. They are just becoming vigilent... Give it a few weeks of false alarms and complacency will creep back in.
  6. That was Aschurch Tp of 721 EOD Sqn RLC, of 11 EOD Regt RLC based in St Barbara's Bks in Ashchurch - well done lads.

    The EOD teams from 11 EOD Regt RLC have for the last few days been running about like lunatics responding to several police requests for EOD assitance. This is their normal day job, but have responded superbly recently - keep up the good work fellas!
  7. I was with 521 sqn 11 EOD in Edinburgh and Liverpool they have been busy as well bless them.

    All the best boys
  8. So post EOD action discovered that the item was BOS - Bag Of Sh1te! Not to be repeated in front of Police Officers, they get a tad upset.
  9. Seconded. Never a job I wanted to try, so respect to the guys who do it.
  10. A briefcase left outside an army careers office? I'd have guessed it unlikely that it was left there accidentally.