Feldschiessen time

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Croque_Monsieur, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. At 9am tomorrow morning I will be laying in a field with a borrowed Stgw90 (called Susi) taking part in the annual Eidgenossisches Feldschiessen (Federal Field Shooting). It is a national event held across the country where thousands of men, women and children (10yrs+) take part in a 300m rifle competition for free, including ammo (18 rnds), using any of the following Swiss military rifles.

    Stgw 57
    Stgw 90

    Scopes are not allowed but diopters are within the scope of the regulations.

    Course of fire is very sedate:
    6 x 1 shot in 1 minute
    2 x 3 shots in 1 minute
    1 x 6 shots in 1 minute

    In our case we are shooting across a valley, one has to cross under the fire corridor to get to the shooting point. Between each series you are simply required to apply the safety and lower the rifle. You are trusted not to take pot shots at the scorers as they emerge from the butt bunker.



    Your PIO is indicated by scorers using coloured paddles on your target, and the colour of the paddle corresponds to your score. Clearly visible at 300m even for a mole like me.
    Not actually sure what is done with the score, ie. if it is scored nationally, on canton level or municipal level, perhaps Viceroy can chip in?

    No registration and no experience is necessary, newbies are given an instructor to guide them through everything.

    I attended the practice on Wednesday intending just to observe but a rifle was quickly thrust into my hands and I was told to crack on - I love this country!

    There is of course a piss-up in the evening.

    Will post pics of the event.
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  2. Or "Tir en Campagne" down my neck of the woods. I will shoot it with both my K31 (and a recently acquired WF diopter) and the FASS 90. Can't believe they still operate manual ranges near the capital, I always struggle with the scoring and adjustments on those ranges, gut Schuss!
  3. Glichfaws!

    The manual scoring is only for the Feldschiessen since we are in a field, they have the gucci electronic gear in the normal firing points in the schutzenhaus.

    So tell me, to what level of competition does the scoring go to?
  4. Looks like bloody good fun, enjoy!
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You do realise that drinking only after the event is cheating as is practising. You should of course maintain standards, turn up just in time honking of booze and diced carrot from the night before and with a hangover to kill a rhino but of course score respectably enough to be invited to the evening pissup!
    Good luck
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  6. Here in yUK tomorrow morning I'll shoot my K11, my K31 and my K31-actioned 300m match rifle in your honour!

    All under the cover of our brand-new range facilities...

  7. You are trusted not to take pot shots at the scorers as they emerge from the butt bunker.

    LOL. I wonder if the markers are inclined to be more lenient

    Do you get any sighting shots before you go for it with your 18 rounds?
  8. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    A Gruess oos Schottland... Ich gah mit mim Purdey Morge Frueh in the heather... aber viel Spass da in Bern und a Gruess a alle.

  9. Well, it was a glorious day. In total 193 participants took part from our village and the two neighbouring ones. I scored 57 out of 72, enough to get me an honorable mention and a medal, not bad for johnny foreigner.

    A little selection of the rifles used. Competitors using the Schmid-Rubins are permitted to use a rest since the Stgws all have built-in bipods:



    The little cannon (38mm) in the picture was used to fire the opening shot of the competition, they actually hit the target which is in the front of the butts, which is about 150m away.



    For 8 CHF the youth team would strip and clean your sturmgewehr!

  10. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Those K31s in the first picture are beautiful! I want!
  11. I'm quite partial to the G11 myself!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I prefer the cavalry straight pull carbine but sadly they are quite rare!
  13. Depends where you live ;-)

    Worth about 6-700CHF here since they have a bad rep accuracy wise and you can't shoot with them for competition anyway.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well save the environment and instead of landfill post them to me. Story goes only a couple of thousand were bought and many were broken deliberately they were that unpopular!