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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_wolf, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Just for a bit of filth whats the stance on felching? Right or wrong?

    And why not say male or female as well, fcuk it, we cant be prejudiced in here.

    To be honest im all for watching some bird suck gritty, brown baby juice out of someones ass, as long as its not mine.
  2. Surely it depends on whether you're sucking your own, or someone elses manmilk out?
  3. Anyone would think this is a sex offenders support site! (See what I did there with the link to several threads on here) But wrong, as wrong as your woman asking you to go down on her just after you have filled her with man fat.
  4. but what if it was your woman?
  5. What is felching?
  6. There are some things I'd really not want to try, this would be one of them. Then if the money was right...
  7. It's like ferreting using a hamster
  8. Best to remain in ignorance - I suspect it's what young people do instead of enjoying a post-coital Woodbine
  9. Does anyone care to give a colourful and graphic description of felching for the poor sheltered ones who have never had their stomachs turned by a bit of hoovering
  10. Sometimes we really need MDN.
  11. I have but one piece of advice given to me by a chap I hold in great regard re activities bottoming:

    Always use a clear straw, and when the white turns brown, stop sucking.
  12. Still as wrong as a wrongun from Wrongland but hey this is Naafi Bar so:

    I am not having my woman sucking man fat from my bottom, my man fat from some other blokes but his from mine, no, thats just perverse!
  13. No it's not....despite that rather funny yank radio clip saying otherwise
  14. aren't one of the Anglian regiments knows as the Felchers?
  15. The name for a military unit is almost as bad as 2 Queens!