fek, im knackered!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wireless_barf, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. been like a fekkin callcenter in here today, phone hardly friggin stopped, sh1tloads of work to do, and on top of that some how ive had to find time to cram in arrsing and drinking tea

    and ive still 2 and half hours left before me 1h drive home

    only consollation - six million dollar mans on telly, and i work in a telly control room, so im 'monitoring' it for 'quality'

    only a short shift tomorrow, but wont get home any earlier, got to go into Huddersfield (which i dont know) to collect poppies from nice old legion chap, and bring em back to work for the reception desk

    after all my effort, i might have to do a bit of mild mannered bullying - "get ya poppy and stick ya f'kin money in the tin ya civvi scrotes!
  2. Go to it barf, make em pay!
    Huddersfield is not as bad as Beirut.
  3. Lovely thanks for the run down of your day, I can't wait until this time tomorrow to see if there is another one.
  4. ya cheeky tw&t :D

    some of us gotta work fer a living, cant be arrsing it all day
  5. In case tonight lasts forever, you mean?
  6. Brave lad :roll:
  7. t'is all in jest :D

    its only coming on here keeps me sane enough to get through the shift
  8. And you thought you'd share that with the rest of the NAAFI readers?

    Thankyou, why not tell us your favourite brand of washing up liquid or by how far you have to move the bed in order to hoover under it?
  9. that cheep green one from the co-op,

    dont move the bed, the missus is in charge of hoovering
  10. Aaaand the point of this thread is...
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    You look for hints on what to buy?
  12. no point, just fancied a whinge

    anyway, tara now, simpsons is on...
  13. I reckon we can call this as short finals to the arrsehole?