Fees from your pay during phase 1.

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This perilously close to a wah, so without hesitation ill quickly ask...

Is it true that £760 is taken out of your pay during basic as mentioned here

another bit of arrse

Only asking here again it seems to have lots of views an not many posts in that section. An as 760 sheets is alot money, personally id like to know for sure.

Hang about, so i have, thanks for pointing that out l_p.

So that would be, take home after tax of £9120 a year, sorta sounds about right i suppose.
you wont get a full weeks pay in your hand whilst in training some will be kept behind and given in credits when you go on leave etc. That bit was true at least a while ago you got it weekly until a certain stage of training when it went to monthly used to be at phase 2 at which time you will have been in the system for a while
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