Fees for second undergraduate degrees/diplomas after 2008

It seems that the government, in its infinite wisdom*, has directed HEFCE to bin funding for second undergraduate degrees and sub-degree courses: Link

Has anyone had any advice on their fees post-2008?

* Yes, I know.


ET, I know a few people who have done this, but I can never work out why? Why wouldn't you do a relevant Masters??? They're fairly flexible aren't they??? (Had a mate who did an MSc in Programming/IT after a BSc in Psychology) That said (and not really relevant) I'm looking at a CDL for my MSc next year; either that or a normal loan I'll pay of while I study 8O
The second undergraduate option has been utlised by some because its hard to get funding for a postgraduate. I considered doing it my self as I did not get funding for a post grad this year.

Luckally in Scotland things are much better than in England in terms of funding (and almost everything else) I know of no plans to stop second degree funding as yet and there is more postgrad funding per capita.


Guess that sort of makes sense but another 3 (or 4) year UG rather than a 1 (or 2) year PG would make me cringe. I'd rather take a loan from anywhere with a reasonable %APR and save the time...

(edited to add the only one I could possibly think it worthwhile for might be Nursing...that would make complete sense)
In my case, I'm switching careers completely, and a conversion MSc in Biology doesn't exist; my first degree result won't be enough to get me into a graduate medical course in either case, sadly...

I'm studying with the OU, who stand to lose a good £30 million-odd as a result of this move; I was just wondering how these cuts had affected course fees in other universities, as the OU is being very reticent about it all.

EDIT: I've just had a call from someone claiming to be from the OU, who now appear to be lobbying for these cuts to be reversed. Apparently, anyone currently studying for a second undergraduate degree is to be exempt from fee increases..

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