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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. The burger laden with two days of calories - and here it is, actual size! | Mail Online

    Tipping the scales at 2.5lb, the megaburger contains two 1lb beef patties, six rashers of bacon, two chicken breasts, two potato waffles, four onion rings, cheese and – it’s not all bad – a tomato.
    And should you fancy a side order after all that, it is accompanied by a huge ice cream milkshake – and chips.

    Is this the epitome of after pub food? You would need to be pissed to create it and pissed to order it as well
  2. oooh elevenses! Perfect treat between meals!
  3. Adam on Man versus Food would devour that mini burger in seconds!
  4. 2.5lbs? That's nothing to Man vs. food!

    Also, given the state of the scutters in Telford, surely more than 20 people would have polished this off by now.
  5. Thats what I was thinking
  6. i have met a few people who have the mouth for that size burger.
  7. i'm hungry now, does tha deliver?
    i said, do yew, do liver...
  8. Yeah, but piss poor value for a snack at £15.

    You can get 30 Cadburys Creme Eggs for the same price. Yummy.
  9. Hmm babies head burger??

  10. A mere tit bit to this fat cnut, wouldn't even do for a starter.

    He eats 20,000 calories of food a day - EIGHT TIMES the official adult male average of 2,500...and scoffs three family-sized takeaways a night and wolfs down Sunday roasts like snacks.

  11. Glad to see the burger "chef" is upholding the standards of the good people of Telford.
  12. you know for a fact some cunt will at some point order 2 and a small diet coke, because they're watching there weight
  13. Telford is a hole in the ground made up of the overflow of every shithole town you can imagine

    Just the thought of visiting Brookside again. The Horror.

    Hopefully this will kill them off quicker the fucking munters

  14. I have been having temptation dangled in front of me at all turns today by family members determined to see me fail at my new years resolution.

    I survived a trip to Burger King earlier in the day by being sad enough to pre-prepare my own tuna sandwiches so I wouldn't give into temptation but on opening up this thread was craving burgers again!

    Thankyou Monty417 for posting the picture of hideous mister jabba the pizza hut, you have saved my diet! :) *flees to the gym before anyone posts any more tempting junk food*

  15. No, they will live long and unfruitful lives, courtesy of the taxpayer.

    I feel sorry for the original poor fucking residents, that were absorbed in the creation of this monstrosity, such as the Wellington, Dawley, Wenlock and Oakengates districts who have to live with the Telford Council house overspill scum from the slums of inner Birmingham and even Liverpool.