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  1. This has probably been done before on numerous occasions on this site but it has suddenly dawned on me how old I am getting, for example, whilst watching TV the other night an advert came on for the over 40's to get health checked, also when asking younger soldiers their date of births some are now replying ** ** 1991 these must be the 1st Gulf War babies that suddenly appeared 9 months after the deployment finished. I find myself maoning at the slightest opportunity at how times have changed and it was a lot better "IN MY DAY", and also having to make funny noises every time I get up from the armchair, and my hangovers take 2 - 3 days to go away, and the most thing that tells me that I am getting old is that all the music nowadays sounds the same and I cannot name any of the newest and hippest bands which are in the charts. How I long for an exercise on Soltau (I know it closed in the late 80's) or to deploy with the rest of BAOR every autumn for 6 weeks exrcise fighting the Soviet 3 Shock Army.
  2. Your right it has been done on numerous occasions, but don't worry there are many of us who hanker after the past and sound off like you, so toddle off and get your zimmer and dribble in the corner with the rest of us. Some one will shortly come and tell you all about the bratty vans on Soltau and the hell that was Berlin as a member of the flaming *********! :D
  3. Not forgetting how good the SLR was and how comfortable puttees were over DMS.

    Welcome, Brother! :)
  4. And leather laces for your DMS and ammos.

  5. Have you seen the advert that implies "Men over 40 have an erectional disfunction" No chance, 3 Ham shanks a day.
  6. I was rattling the tin for the RBL last week...........I was shocked when nobody had a NI gong.........lots of gongs on display, but they were all too young.............feck I felt old.
  7. Dont worry, you will all dead soon, you bunch of moaning old cnuts!
  8. Funny, I've got erectile disfunction..........the fekker won't go down..... 8O
  9. Isn't "Viagra" amazing?
  10. Stop whingeing and get a fooking life!
    Are you married or French?
    I'm well past 40, divorced, kids old enough to look after themselves, and loving every minute of this beautiful life.
    Stack the fridge and stoke the bong.
  11. Edited coz PC's shite
  12. And remembering a distant time, of flares and Ford Maxi's, long hair and glamrock...........and relatives gunned down by security forces..
  13. Ahhhh yes! The unmistakeable sound of a "double tap" on the 30meter range. Real tanks to face 3rd Shock Army like Chieftain. Rebro's fighting for the best position on the Deister. Running the Minden Ridge and Sarnt Majors that used to scream that the fluff on my beret was undoubtedly going to cause the downfall of the entire British Army. Brasso, floor wax and starch! Digging to stage 6! Defication drills and the ritual Jacobs cracker. Blot, bang, rub!

    That's it.... i'm off to sit in the hedge eating "boilies" for the rest of the day! :sleepy:
  14. ooh ooh
    can I be the first to mention "putees"? :)
  15. No :p