Feeling Like a Pratt

Ok - nothing new there. But I was just trying to work up willpower to go running tomorrow morning before work (New Year's Resolution type stuff) when I remembered why I stopped doing so in November last year.......

Despite the inclement weather associated with the winter months I had taken to running before I got in to work. There were a number of very good reasons for this, including a slightly later start at the computer and an ENORMOUS feeling of smugness when I staggered into office saying....'x miles today folks...'

But the main reason.......it's DARK!

Looking as I do, running as I do and being as unfit as I am, there is no way on God's earth that I would run, in daylight, anywhere near a military establishment (let alone around a number of messes and past three guardrooms). The thought of being seen by any of the many soldiers serving in the immediate area would be far too morrrrrrrtifying. So - 0720 start it used to be.....

Until one day in November, having puffed my way to the last half a mile, I was coming up to one of the guardrooms. By this time the sun was just about up and I was desparately trying to get 'home' before anyone I knew spotted me. The occasional car would appear at which point I would find some smidgeon of spare energy and sprint furiously (managing slightly above a crawl) until they had passed.

I had made it past the guardroom before the guard parade which was a bonus (must be improving) when, dammit, I heard a truck approaching from behind me. Where was that spare energy..... I managed to tuck myself to the side of the road and prayed the truck would overtake me and be gone PDQ. Fortunately it did - just on the corner as I approached the long straight stretch home. It was only then I realised that the truck was in fact packed full of young, fit soldiers - all staring out the back. The driver had clearly been told to slow down to allow the occupants to cat call, wolf whistle and hurls (quite justifiable) abuse for the next few hundred yards. Fortunately for me the truck would have been unable to go that slow without stalling so eventually it disappeared - but not before I felt a complete PRATT

So - my New Year's Resolution is to begin running again. If ANY of you see the equivalent of a weeble attempting to run, whilst on your way to work , PLEASE remember - at least I am trying!
Funny you should say that, I have my running kit next to me and I am trying to decide wheter to go for it tonight or first thiing in the morning, thing is I hate running at sparrows fart and much prefer it to go when I am at least awake, christ how I managed 5:30 PT parades I never know ????

Its a proven fact that most fitness related new years resolutions bite the dust simply because of the weather and time of year, one suggestion was if you are serious about it but suffer a lack of motivation then start in a few months when the weather should be better or establish an end of year goal, mine last year was the Great South Run in October (typically I haven't done anything since :roll: )
If ANY of you see the equivalent of a weeble attempting to run, whilst on your way to work , PLEASE remember - at least I am trying!
Good on ya!

Sounds remarkably like most of the Scot's DG on their regimental bimbles.
Thats cruel flash, funny yes, but cruel :wink:
Good on ya pan for the post 8) :lol: Hope your mascara didnt run at the time, most embarrasing that 8)
Lippy- ya reckon I could manage mascara at 0630 in the morning? It's hard enough just trying to get my face on the right way. As I am sure the soldiers who saw me can verify.....

I was a pratt again today. There's a surprise............ Only this time it was REALLY stupid. I was let down by a pal. Nothing too serious but the circumstances wound me up. So- I wanted to whinge and wrote a text to mutual friend. Fred did this blah blah whinge whinge, not happy blah blah, nasty person etc. Sent text to pal.

Only I didn't .

I sent to person I was whinging about. :oops:

Another life in the day of PB. Ho hum.
Mrs Slopes and I go running like good little soldiers every morning at 0610hrs. We go about 5 miles then get bored and go home. We see the same 2 people every morning - the same 2 that we always see. It seems the New Years fitness bug didn't even make an appearance on my patch this year! :D
PB - classic!! Doh!

Slopes. Its probably because there is no requirement for fitness in your unit. What do 500 chefs need to be fit for?

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