feeling let down by the system while mobilised

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Its been over 2 and a half months now since my recovery started from injuries sustained out in afghanistan. During that time i have had a very good and intensive physio programme, i have been attending my local rehabilitation unit 3 times a week. They then said they would like to take me on for a 3 week resitential course that is very similar to headly court, the facalities there are brilliant.

    However, RTMC chilwell said on a medical visit that i have to go on a 3 week physio course with them. I went to look at the physio the department (if thats what they want to call it), i was almost in shock at the facilities there, a tiny room with a few machines, there is no way i wanted to go there, with only two physiotherapists running the course.

    I complained at my local rehabilitation centre that they want me to do the course with them, confused by this my rehabilitation doctor said she was going to fight my case.

    I left chilwell a very angry soldier yestarday as the MO up there said he didnt deal with these issues and my RTMC chain of command had taken care of it, the Wo2 who dealt with the issue dissmissed it and said you are doing our physio course shit bust. I then saw the officer of the physio department at chilwell and said if i cant do it at my local RRU i want to go to headly court instead. She shot me down and said that headly court only deals with very complicated injuries and mine wasnt serious enough....... This is bullshit as i know people with the same injuries as me up at headly, i also know of many TA soldiers there. I have a left calcaneous fracture (shattered heel bone) and believe me its a very serious injury. I was in a IED blast for **** sake.

    I feel lost, chilwell are trying to make my life much harder than it needs to be at a time where i have had to go through some very hard and demanding barriers mentally and physically.

    P.s sorry if the speeling or grammer is shit.
  2. Who cares about spelling & grammar,

    get well soon mate, hopefully someone of some use will come along before too long.
  3. I feel your pain chap, I only had a traction pin drilled through my heelbone 30 odd years ago and it still gives me gyp!

    I must ask you to think about your problem though, you are being offered treatment and only because you percieve there to be a better alternative are you dripping on here?

    If there is a true issue then the only way to sort it out is through official complaint, think carefully about the consequences, calm down, think about the best worst outcomes for your healthcare and possible repercussions of an official complaint, dripping is fine, all of us do it, but weigh up the pros and cons and remember that just because someone else gets something doesn't mean you should automatically get the same.

    I hope I'm not coming across insulting, I'm not a medical professional and I'm not AMS, just a fellow stab with a lot of service so feel free to ignore me!

    Edited to add:

    Don't want at all to sound like I support RTMC decisions, they are often arse, by all means explain that this will have an effect on your mental recovery especially if you are not local to Chilwell, local has to be best for you and I apologise for not reading the full meaning in your OP...
  4. Sorry to hear about that.

    I cant offer any specific advice. Nonetheless, however this is taken forward, you will need to be clear about why you believe the RTMC option is not fit for purpose and the RRU/Headley Court is. As a first step, I'd get this written down while it is fresh in your mind, along with a record of who you spoke to at RTMC, when and exactly what they said. This will provide an audit trail of activities you can then take forward as required.

    Best of luck with this and your recovery in general.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Having been involved with the absolute abortion they made of the medical demob of one of my soldiers I would trust the medical system at RTMC about as far as I could throw my house.

    My advice would be to get your current rehab centre to specify exactly what treatment you need, and then get your unit to have RTMC confirm, in writing, that they are equipped and staffed to provide that level of care. If RTMC do not agree with the treatment plan, get them to write down what their treatment plan is, and get your current rehab unit to see if they believe it is reasonable.

    It is all about the treatment you need - try not to get caught up about the location or how new the facilities are. If they (RTMC) have the equipment and staff to give you what you need, then you may have to accept that your treatment will be conducted there.
  6. Whatever you do - DO NOT throw your cap in and demob yourself until your injury is sorted and you are fit again. If you do you will be at the mercy of the NHS rather than the Army. Both The Duke and DC offer sound advice so I would walk a line between the two. Also, get amongst your Unit Welfare Officer who should, at the very least have you on his/her WISMIS system and be on hand to offer assistance.

    Take care and I hope you get fit soon.
  7. Thanks all for the advice, when it comes down to it i know RTMC will win, i have had a few specialists ring up on my behalf to be told that i am an RTMC soldier and i come under their duty of care. Its just frustrating that they seem to battle with what is eaiser and better for me, a friend who was injuried much earlier on in the tour has been on their physio courses to confirm it is utter shite, but they are still keeping me mobilised so i have to dance to their tune these days.

    The_Duke, one of your lads who has been on the TV before told me from day one to prepare myself for a **** about. My friend has also had a demob abortation and is suffering from it.

    RTMC and its duty of care is weak.
  8. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    But you live in a cardboard box under Waterloo bridge?

    tramp :D
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    But at least it is a southern box and not some God forsaken northern slum box.
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  10. Nothing to say but I hope all works out well for you, Mucker! :)
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The RTMC duty of care is far worse than weak, but unfortunately you come under it.

    That said, very politely, **** them.

    It is your leg, your rehab, and your life stretching ahead of you. The treatment you get now could honestly make the difference between you making as close to a full recovery as you can or enduring months or years of pain.

    Don't be afraid to make as much noise as you need to in order to get the best treatment you can. Going quietly because the incompetents that run med services at RTMC want you to will be no comfort for you if you end up not recovering in the way you could have done given better treatment.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Letter to your MP is the solution here.

  13. Person to write to is the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans who's address is:

    The Right Honourable Andrew Robathan MP
    Ministry of Defence
    Floor 5
    Zone B
    Main Building

    Please ensure you quote Arrse as the reference for his address details.
  14. Hey Mucker.

    First things first! When you were aeromedically evacuated from Herrick were you admitted to RCDM? if so, were you referred to an RRU from RCDM? What Unit were you attached too? Are the Unit aware and engaged in your care?
    As you are a battle cas the ownership of your care belongs to the 'patient care pathway' - a known process that start's from the very first moment you were injured right upto being as fully fit as you can be.
    The fact you are TA makes no difference, whilst you are injured and undergoing treatment you are still classed as mobilised therefore Chillwell are not responsible for your clinical care - the patient care pathway is.
    The issue of your medical condition and if it's serious enough to attend DMRC is not for the Phyiso of Chillwell to decide. Phyiso's are not doctors and your doctor has primacy. I have delt with many guys with calcaneous fracture and some of them end up having a BK Amputation because in some cases it will not heal.
  15. From what Ive seen of the physio dept at RTMC I sympothise for you, alot of the facilities are on the corridor in the surge accomodation, dark no windows and very dissmal, It all looks a bit adhoc in my opinion. I hope things work out for you, good luck.