Feeling a cold (man flu) coming on!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Hard into the fitness regime and I can feel a cold coming on.
    What are your best remedies for keeping that cough and runny nose at bay?
  2. garlic, red wine and echinacea
  3. Sniff whisky till it comes down the back of your throat. Don't do it too much. You might get to like it. :D
  4. Essential tips for man colds found HERE
  5. Sleep. Make sure you get 8+ hours and make sure your diet is full of decent vegetables. Personally, I swear by wheatgrass too, as an all-year round thing.

    A lot of people swear by ecanacia, cycled, but never used it myself so cannot comment.
  6. Berroca tabs, lots and lots of water, Lemsip max strength and get your head down for a day.
  7. What Poppy said.

    Plus loads of ginger. No, not a night out with Gerri Halliwell, or Chris Evans (if that way inclined), I mean the root. Go to one of them yuppie juice bars and get something like an orange, apple and carrot juice and ask them to put enough ginger in it to make a grown man cry. Then get it down your Gregory.
  8. I tried lemon and ginger herbal tea the other day - disgusting stuff but the ginger did seem to help
  9. Traditional Russian cure works for me.
    Vodka and black pepper.
  10. Was it a tea bag? You wan't raw ginger in tea or juice, works much better.
  11. agreed on Echinacea....my entire department have had flu,and both parents but i've not caught it!!! Its the drugs!! Tesco sell them 60 tablets for £1.55
  12. Guiness and hot toddies. If you do get man-flu, you'll be able to blame the headache and shivering on the huge amounts of alcohol you drank....
  13. That First Defence spray works
  14. Get a sweat on...sauna or head over bowl of boling water with a towel (careful!!), keep the fluids up and plenty of vit C. I agree on the Echinacea and also Zinc. All stuffy and blocked up then the old Vicks vapour rub is good and boiling akettle a few times in the room before you sleep gives the air some moisture, helps you breathe and helps an annoying cough...as does a wet towel drying on a radiator. Old school tips!
  15. 2 hot toddies, porn film and a damn good sweat