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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rickshaw, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Hello Munchkins!
    I have decided on a radical approach to the usual crappola that fills the working day and, since 0 silly hundred today I have been dispensing love - in an emotional, verbal and body language type thingy way rather than in the swwaty, exchange of body fluids, physical way. It has been deeply - well as deeply as my rather undeveloped anatomy allows - satisfying pursuit. Rather than stomping in to the office, grunting at one and all, punching the TV strapped to a keyboard and growling at anybody that gets in my way en route to the coffee point, I have been smiling, cheerful and attentive to the needs of all those I meet. I have even publicly laughed at one of my gaffer's attempts at a joke, have been nice to the normally less-than-godess-like female in the office and have even done a few minutes gainful work. The result is soooo wonderful! No, there are no flowers sprouting on the window sills and fluffy bunny wunnies are not gambolling outside on the sward, nor is the air filled with the scent of perfume or the sound of plaintive harp and pipe........
    ........everybody around me is crapping it, just waiting for the berserker rage to erupt. I feel good, mes amis. I feel exceedingly good.

    ........wonder how long I can keep this up.......

    ...........................feeling SO much love right now...........
  2. I did notice on a few other threads that the love was begining to run out. Have you managed to bring it back, or is it a finite resource?
  3. No, the reason that the love is disappearing is that rickshaw's leeching it away like some uber-machine to fuel his diobolical scheme of scaring his co-workers.
    Cue rickshaws 'reveal all' monologue :D
  4. I'd like to say that I have infinite love for you all but, when you get to a certain age, the love is an abstract expression rather than a physical manifestation. So, yes, I have all the love in the world to share with everybody... the politicos...... the Gunners...... estate agents...... tax inspectors.........that nice Mr Mugabe.........even Morale Counter Measures in Glasgow......... yes, all you filthy, festering, pus- ridden, mongoloid, rancid, duplicitous, deceitful, urine-scented, vacillating, incoherent, ignorant, incapable, incontinent, flatulent, illegtimate, Blair-loving, Galloway-supporting, Big Brother-watching, feeble apolgies for mankind.......... I have love and cuddly-wuggly-bunnies for you all. Bless.

    Peace and love to you all.

    You feckers.
  5. Aha, now we have the monologue, we can now find the inherent weakness in his plan, kill his henchmen and ultimately take him out in a interesting yet slightly ironic way :D
  6. just for that I'll let you cum on my tits
  7. Oh golly gosh! You really DO need some love in your life......... 07779 45321111.....ask for CPO Ginge McMonstrous. He definately will let you feel the love and fill you up from rim to cup.......

    <Hugs oneself> Ahhhh! Sharing the love...........................
  8. .........and his 10 best mates...........of course
  9. rickshaw - what a monologue. I can imagine you sitting by Michael barrimores pool supping gins and oiling yourself up. Great piece of prose.
  10. I can feel the warmth of that hug in Hamphire. Whilst reading this thread and the sun has started to shine . . . wow
  11. Oh dear...... and there was me saying I had love for all mankind.....oh, wait, theres a get-out clause.... I did say "mankind". Sorry Stab Tiffy, you'll have to go to the kennels for your love - just as usual.

    Peace and love Munchkins!
  12. Bobos, If you imagine things like this then i think you need help, or a specific type of service only available in certain areas of Amsterdam and King's Cross
  13. You can't get it up anymore? :?
  14. Darlings, there so much love coming through the ether, I can feel the keys on my board getting sticky....oh wait, thats something else all together....bugger..... where are the kleenex......... Ah! Right, back to letting the love flow. I want you all to send lots and lots of big hugs to Stab Tiffy: he REALLY needs them. Altogether now>>>><BIG hug>

    Wow! Just feel that warm feeling..... bugger.... more Kleenex.......