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Feel free to give these cunts some shit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civigobshitehater, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Our war - The Liverpool Way

    Before you go to it, a quick run down.

    There is a group of idiots here, who are all anti war protesters/office workers, and whenever a thread is posted, they seem to like to back each other up, regardless of the topic.
    So despite their own personal thoughts of the subject, they all post similar shite to make the previous look like the OP is a wanker.

    The main gobshite is called "Número Veinticinco", hes an academic who specialises in the geopolitics of certain regions, but according to himself, has travelled extensively in that (Above thread topic) region.

    And quotes himself as having been in many war zones?????? but fails to tell where or in which capacity, in public, but is happy to PM anyone who asks.

    And in private says all squaddies are Afghan baby killers and illiterate morons who murder for fun? read into that what you will.
    The rest, you can find for yourself.

    Dont shoot me, im just the messenger.
  2. Yeah but they're from Liverpool so who gives a shit what they think.
  3. seems like a bunch of cunts
  4. Yes, but I'll shout "this is ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" as I punt you into a big pit.
  5. A bunch of Scousers gobbing off about people with jobs; imagine that, eh???

    Sooner or later the "Hillsborough Contagion" will take hold, and the bleating cunts will start going on about how The Sun is the source of all evil because their reporters are grasses, and how Denise Bulger was actually "roiigghhht fuccchin' soooound" etc etc etc. In fact I am surprised that they don't reckon that the Madeleine McCann kidnapping was orchestrated by News Group International, given as Kate McCann is one of theirs. The cunts.
  6. the sun were & are a bunch of cunts for some of the things said about hillsborough
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  7. Eh eh... Calm down, our Terry.
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  8. Its just another site full of internet hard men. Probably still live with their mothers
  9. An easy trap for the Sun to fall into really. A bunch of scousers roaming free around defenceless pockets, pockets just lying there unguarded like. What other assumption was a Sun reporter supposed to form, you know what I mean like?
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  10. She says to tidy your fucking bedroom up BTW! :)
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  11. I am not a monkey I am at a much higher level of evolution.

    Therefore there is no need for me to fling shit at spastics like im a chimpanzee at Chester zoo.

    Mind you could be fun.
  12. Sooo, you went on a site and got flamed and ran off to fetch the nasty men to get the bullies?

    Wipe your fucking weeping vagina, put on some emo rock and kill yourself ya fucking woman.

    Now to more interesting things such as paint drying and more critically selecting the right paint. As you may know, if you are decorating a kitchen or bathroom emulsion is the way forward. Vinyl silk is the most durable and perfect for rooms that have condensation.

    Join us next week when I'll be calling a Manc a twat for inventing a Walt as his first post and then giving tips on bricklaying.
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  13. Just read the first page of that.

    He makes you look a right sheep's cunt. What's your real arrse username, you gutless scouse cock?
  14. Greetings. Welcome to ARRSE.

    Now fuck off out again, you trolling cunt. No one wants to go to this site of yours. Stop trying to lure us there so you can groom us for sex.

    Oh, and once again welcome.
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  15. Why pile MORE shite on them....they're already Scousers, how much worse can it get??
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