Feeeling Bad for the Lad

I'm of mixed minds on this.. While I sympathize over his plight he still has a bank account with considerably more zeros after the big numbers than I have or ever will have..

Anil Ambani, the 6th richest man in India [ his brother is #5 ], had a net worth of $ 42 billion!! US...With the recent ' downturn' in the economy and such he has lost $ 30 billion in the past 9 months...more than anyone in the world. Only $ 12 billion left.. hardly enough for a new jet, fab car and villa, let alone keeping the clinging, arm-candy lovelies interested.

No word on how his brother made out so I haven't heard if he hit his bro up for some loans or spending cash/loose change until he gets back on his feet...
Reminds me of 'How do become a millionaire football club owner - start off with a billion.'
You have to put things into perspective. If you went out on the lash with £42 in your pocket and lost 30 quid you'd end having to drink in Weatherspoons for the rest of the evening. This chap has been reduced to being a 'spooner of the billionaire classes ... poor fcuker!

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