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Can anyone clear this up for me ?

I understand that if you claim a 1/4 or 1/2 days pay you can also claim TEA

But what happens when your claiming a full days pay while working in or around the TA Centre ?
Is the Army meant to feed you or if not, can you claim for a missed meal ?

On several days we have not been feed and also told that we cannot claim !

What is the truth of the matter ? :lol: :idea:
I believe that if you work on your own TAC then you cannot claim

If you travel to another TAC then you should be fed.

Much the same rule for married pers on regular camps I believe
Mr redcap - 1771 as i understand it, is for travel

Thanks polar69. seems that we have been fed ( or not fed ) a load of bull.
You can claim DRSA if you are working away from your parent unit. For the purpose of this claim you count travelling time to and from home/unit to determine which rate you can claim. You should also claim for your travel on the 1771 too.
Talking of secrets, when you are away on a course, Recruit, Trade etc, and are staying in barracks, you can claim MIA, it's only £1.50 per night but it's there to be claimed but not many people know that!

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