Feeding whilst training in barracks

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hartman, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Can someone please shed some light on this:-

    When training in one's own barracks over a weekend, what provision is there for feeding?

    We have a kitchen and a couple of very talented chefs, but apparently the system does not allow the funds for them to provide meals.

    What has to happen is that the individual soldier must buy their own breakfast, lunch and dinner, and claim it back. Each individual soldier must provide a separate receipt, although the receipt may contain more than one meal, provided it can be clearly identified.

    Unless the soldier buys all his meals before the weekend, which will invariably end up being sandwiches, and there is no provision to store food in fridges; the only other option is to change out of uniform, go out to the local shops and buy a meal, return to barracks, change back, and resume training. What a waste of time.

    A most helpful alternative offered by our G4 dept is simply to train elsewhere; however, since we have great facilities for certain types of weekend training why should we? That is an even bigger waste of time, fuel and wear and tear on vehicles, not to mention denying that training area from another unit.

    There must be a solution whereby a soldier can train in in his own barracks and get fed without having to buy his own meals.

    Any ideas? :)
  2. Eatings cheating :lol: or is that when your drinking?
  3. We've got another headache, which could also effect good old SC, as of July 1st we've been told that TA is going PAYD therefore you must have at least £15ish in with you if you want to eat at the w/e, at the RTC anyway, but is that only if you are at your duty station?

    So RTC staff pay, recruits & course personnel don't, or is it everybody pays, therefore the recruits who have little or no cash will probably save it for alcohol rather than food, leading to a whole new set of problems, what about the recruits who haven't been paid to date? of course this wont happen cos JPA is pure dead brilliant.

  4. Could i put in a claim for malnourishment if i havent been paid and therefore can't afford to eat whilst training?
  5. try it, mind you it will be from you hospital bed after you've collapsed during the drill lessons!
  6. That's really going to work. I can see it know, turn up for the weekend, then let the boss know at 11am, "sorry boss, got to f**k off and cook my lunch" and again at 5pm......Really going to work.
  7. I don't know about on weekends, but the rest of the time TA Pers are treated just the same as a Reg that 'lives out'. This means that as you don't pay a food allowance, they don't provide food. I'm not totally sure where this leaves you with weekends though!

    Also, I think it depends on how close you live to the unit now? I'm sure some one from the Special Pen Service can help out!

    T C
  8. As for as i have been told on weekends its still the same drill...drill halls are not set up for PYD...wonder how the money side will work.?
  9. PAYD is a pain in the ARRSE, you have to turn up and pay for your scoff, beer and fuel under new JPA (toss). If you are a recruit then you should be issued with a PAYD card for the weekend, which is like a debit card so you get your scoff, swipe, and gollop it down. it shouldnt cost you a copper coin, beer will do later which you can no longer use out of your travel allowance because thier isnt one.
  10. As I understand it, if you're at your normal place of training, then you come under PAYD. This being the Regular to TA translation that you have the option to provide your own meals. If you train elsewhere, then PAYD doesn't apply.

    Of course, it's a bag of the brown stuff for Specialist Units whose "local" place of training could be hundreds of miles from home.

    Just another example of where the "One Army" concept falls down.
  11. Err, I thought under TA regs, all food is free for TA?
  12. at the moment, come the first of July.....
  13. Grantham is payd, unless ur a recruit and then u'll be issued "feeder cards" for corp meal times, otherwise u'll be paying £1.54 for ur tea!!
  14. WHAT!!!!!!

    Does that mean that I can claim some back?
  15. I've not paid for food yet.