Feeding the Para's a Walt

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 24, 2004.

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  1. ChinookUK / MiLCOMbritmod wrote

    A reliable informant tells me this guy never did a jumps course or did P company.

    Thought you chaps might like to play with him
  2. psychy discharge perhaps for being a loon?
    probably still wears his beret down his local telling tales of freefalling into portstanley back in '82.
  3. didnt use a parachute though..thats why he got med discharge? :D
  4. I used to be an Admiral in Swiss Navy's U-Boat Fleet. I used to wear a lime green uniform and a mauve beret with burgundy hunter wellies. Not forgetting the Blue and Yellow polka dot cravat of course.

    Or was that when I was Colonel in Chief of the 201st Mickey Mouses Own Not-so Light Infantry?

    Why do you reckon these guys bother? Isn't it enough to be able to say you were in - no matter what you were in, whether it be Para, Sigs, RAC, RLC whatever? And be proud of that?
  5. I've been over to his site a couple of times and can't find him anywhere 8O he ran for cover after being spotted by several bods from here..........he may still be hiding.
  6. i take it this guy has not poped up yet?
  7. Why not visit his site www.trucknet.com and asked him to verify his position and to defend himself. :D :D
  8. I don't get it........ :roll:
  9. You're not expected to, its a squaddie thing.

    Go back to fluffy kitten and puppy threads in the Civ/div forum.

    No need to post a bone reply, we'll take it as read you'll make a comeback thats as funny as a colonic cancer :D
  10. What was BBC doing away from the kitchen anyway :wink:
  11. Na Na NA NA Na

    And how did you know?
    It's my ten year clear anniversary tomorrow!
    But it wasn't colonic!

    And I STILL don't get it!
  12. The reason why you dont get it is because.........(add your own text here......... using the words haggard ..old ....never in the kitchen etc) :wink:
  13. The reason I don't get it is because you're a piss poor excuse for a haggard male, and this is an old fight that best suited for the NAFFI and never in the kitchen with so many sharp knives? :D
  14. Perhaps your also slightly highly strung :twisted: 8O
  15. Hmmmmmmmmmm....
    Insult a woman then use the expression 'highly strung'???
    Is that not just offering suggestions? :roll: