Feeding at TACs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Always_a_Rifleman, May 23, 2007.

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  1. The Coy has decided that after a range day next month, everyone will stay at one of the detachment's TACs and enjoy a Saturday night out in the local town. All well and good so far I think you'll agree.

    My issue arose when browsing through the admin instruction emailed to me by the SPSI which specified that feeding for the whole of Saturday would be supplied in various forms by the range's local camp (still fine at this point) but there was no mention of Sunday's feeding plan.

    I decided to enquire as to the nature of Sunday morning which is to include Values and Standards MATTs and some PT - both in order to compliment the previous night's antics.

    I was told that feeding the company was not possible as there was some problem with feeding troops in their own TAC but not at another TAC as long as it was at least 5 miles away - i.e. those from Coy HQ etc. could be fed, but not those from the detachment. As such everyone will have to fend for themselves until we are "dispersed" at 1200.

    Does anyone out there know what the rules are regarding TAC feeding as I have never come across this sort of thing before and have been fed numerous times at a TAC, even if I have had to pay a quid or two for the privilege?

  2. I'm probable totally wrong here but i'm sure i was told that if you eat away from your "home base" as it were then you are not charged under PAYD, so my home is Chilwell where i would be charged but when i go to Grantham i don't get charged.

  3. There used to be a system in place where visiting troops, signed in for meals, this was then claimed back by the feeding unt from the visitors unit.

    I don't think PAYD allows for that.

    Surely if you're all from the same unit then RHQ picks up the bill anyway.

    But feeding visitors & not the home team smells just a little, again with JPA you can claim back the three course Steak dinner you had?
  4. Shambolic system from the sound of it.
  5. Bus the detachment to to Coy HQ to feed them or overestimate the numbers coming from Coy HQ (not sure if this works). Also if you have a 9-5 training (with troops going home at night) claim rations for the Coy HQ but don't use them.
  6. The rules are quite clear that you can't be fed at your own TAC. There are ways of working the system, and they should be obvious to your PSI. I suggest you tell the lazy xxxx to pull his finger out.
  7. then why have chefs and a kitchen in our TAC's just in case someone visits
  8. I have no idea who came up with the rule or why. It is a fact though. If you've got kitchens, chefs and rations then its down to the PSI / PSAO to make it work. I would also question why your OC isn't on the case?
  9. Polar, not sure if JPA does allow for CILOR, I cant remember if the form we have to fill in, which is our version of a paysheet so the clerk can input to JPA! has a check box for that.

    Baldrick I agree, my parent Sqn TAC has just been refurbished,including the kitchen & a lecture room which is also a mess. What's the point if you cant be fed there.
    I s'pose it could be for the next Firefighter/ambulance/Binman strike so the regs can use it.
  10. ^It'd rather amusing if we could claim CILOR as we can't be fed at a TAC
  11. Sounds total bollocks to me. Everytime I've stayed in my TAC I've been fed, might only have been breakfast on a Sunday morning and brownbag luch later but I've been fed. Even when I've stayed in my own location TAC I've been fed.

    I'd suggest all collasping on the PT. Might cause a few eyebrows to be raised.......
  12. Can you be fed from your TAC?

    5.25 mile march before breakfast. CQMS brings breakfast out in four tonner. Breakfast in the park or wherever. TCV back to TAC!

    1) A good bit of exercise - blow the cobwebs away.
    2) Breakfast provided for in the rules.
    3) A good appetite worked up.
    4) Good public visibility/PR.

    Check the rules for marching on highways though.
  13. Good plan..........I like it.... 6 mile CFT banged out in one go and rules taken the piss out off.
  14. I can see you and I ought to serve in the same unit!