Feedback Wanted from Those Interested in the Site Function

The modified site menu, which will see the end of the left hand block on the front page and go with a load of other changes can now be seen on the WorkSafe theme which you can change to temporarily in a block on the right of the index page, or permanently in My Account, Preferences.

Any feedback about the layout of the menu and any other parts of the site or useful links that should be included in it would be appreciated.

I know that it twitches in Firefox when you hover over it.

Would anyone miss "Welcome ...." from the header or is it pointless?

Also I know that the menu would fit into the white header area and I may move it.

One little niggle which I don't know if you can do anything about is the "Back to top" feature which returns you to the line just before the menu bar...

I find it is usually the menu bar I want to jump to, thus incurring another command. Can you arrange it so that the cursor returns to the menu bar?
I like the new format and I agree that the "Welcome!" bit on the banner is

Trevelez said:
Good CO said:
This is also my opinion but I suspect there will be a load of complaining if I chop it.
Anyone who complains about that must be gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Name and shame so that we can snigger and point fingers at them!! :D


Book Reviewer
I like it too (would prefer alphabetically vertically as discussed on the other thread but not a drama). Nice and clean and functional.

I fourth the
Trevelez said:
for the welcome message.
I like the changes. I was going to say "I like the mods" but that would be a lie! ;-P

List by frequency of use or fuctional grouping/ similarity rather than alphabetical. (A,B,C, f. q. j. or B. oh no. Bloody dislexia...)

Welcome bit's really poo. I dislike the who is where bit now as I cannot see it properly - it is just too close together!


me n bee said:
I dislike the who is where bit now as I cannot see it properly - it is just too close together![/quote]

Agreed - also not sure if it's something that is at arrse end/my end or another end but my email alerts have stopped?
Please keep this on topic. Mee'bee' there's a separate thread running about who's where and if you have problems with something unrelated then please start a thread about it.
Not sure if right place to post however I have noticed that the "New Members" bit has been stuck on 106 for the Today and Yesterday for the last few days.
It's good if you can start new threads for new subjects rather than dragging other ones off topic, but thanks for letting me know. I'll have a look at that.
This thread is about the demo menu that you can see in "WorkSafe". This doesn't have the blogs link in.
No problem at all and does serve to highlight the blogs issue again - ie we don't have any. I keep watching the software forums for ideas about how to solve the spamming problem, but as yet nothing.
Call me an old foggy, or is that fogey? but I liked the old days when there where only about 1000,ish about and one could relate to those people/avatars/personalities. Come on then, let's have some comments!
I'm sure that SAS selection is easier than keeping a thread on topic for more than about 20 posts on this site.

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