Feedback wanted from MOs

I'm currently doing my A levels with the view of becoming a doctor, and at the moment im really interested in joining up after graduation. I've put a reasonable amount of work into researching this, but i was wondering if there are any MOs on here who wouldn't mind giving me a bit of feedback about the job and the army lifestyle in general.

Some feedback from current/past medical cadets about how they found the interviews, how competitive it was, etc. would also be most welcome.

if there arent any MOs around then i'd appreciate feedback from anyone in the RAMC about how they find army life, if there are any major differences in the job besides the equivalent jobs in the NHS, etc. ive looked into joining up, done a fair amount of research into it but it'd be really useful to me to get some info from people who actually work in a similar situation to the role that im interested in.



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